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Chu Ping talks about making a life rather than making a living from BQConference

我在2008年11月,一個偶然的機會,認識一群年輕人(Jason, Keli, Eric, Kevin)希望能以美國TED的模式在台灣用問大問題的方式, 成立Big Question。推動一個新的覺醒運動。在兩天的會議中:


Pierre Loisel and Chu Ping Q&A from BQConference


2009-03-28 Update

Our TEDxTaipei event is featured on TED website now.

Check it out.

7 thoughts on “BQ Conference”

  1. Dear Tony:

    As my email to you indicated, I want to apologize to you and your team that I cannot attend TEDxSYSU event. I am honored to be in the prestigious presentation panel.

    Tony, I am no body’s role mode as the fact that you can never be me and I can never be you. We all eventually will find our own style and our own calling.

    However, please accept my accolade to your volunteer work on

    It is an amazing accomplishment. I have publicized this site and encourage all my blog readers to visit this site.

    Only when we share the brilliant ideas worth sharing can we grow together. China will also find her role in promoting peace and prosperity for all.

    I can see China youth’s idealistic spirit thriving. This is the future of China.

    One day, our destiny will cross again.


  2. Dear Ping Chu,

    Thank you for your encouragements and also thank you for your readiness to come to the TEDx event in Guangzhou.

    The main website for the TEDx event has been launched: There are currently some background information about the TEDx event there. More information will be added in the next few days, as we finalize on speakers and the main schedule of the event.

    I’ve also provided you with some information about logistics through email. More details are expected in the next few days.

    Thanks again for spreading the word and being role models for the rest of us.

    best regards,

  3. Dear Tony:

    First thing first. I would like to ask all my tribal friends to visit

    Most of you know that I have been promoting the last few years. About a year ago, I noticed Tony and his team in China have been working on their own time to translate TED content into Chinese. I really admire them for their selfless effort. I also feel ashamed that we, here, in Taiwan, fail to do this.

    Tony, you are my hero.

    OK, I think I need to do something to get to know you and your team more by taking this opportunity to go to Guangzhou.

    Please write to me and let me know the details.

    I don’t know if I can offer you any advie or guidance since you are way ahead of me. I just want to be part of your growth and see you and Jason bring TED to the Greater China region.

    Again, I urge you all to do it right now to visit and bookmark this site if you find English too much of a challenge.

    Tony, thank you for inviting me to celebrate the launch of TEDx in Sun Yat-sen University in Guangzhou.

    Be the change,


  4. Dear Chu Ping,

    Thank you for sharing your experience in the BQ conference here. Like Jason, I am also motivated by the idea of TED, to be more exact, the idea of creating changes starting with ideas.

    I have been running the TEDtoChina website for quite a while, and I’ve witnessed on firsthand how brilliant ideas coming from TED can make real impacts on people’s thinkings and their attitudes towards life. I want to create a similar event like TED in China, to bring in diversity in thinking and longterm thinking. Serious blocks are on the way in achieving this goal, and I need your advice and guidance on this matter.

    Also, I am wondering if you can come to our TEDx event in Sun Yat-sen University in Guangzhou on June 6 this year? It will be a half-day TED-style event featuring motivational speakers from different disciplines and backgrounds. It is meant to bring in the TED idea and also a whole new perspective on making a life. I am sure you will be interested in this topic. I am looking forward to your message.



  5. Dear Jason:

    Thank you for sharing your seven reasons that motivate you.

    I agree with you 100% on these seven reasons. This is also how we replenish our passion.

    Please continue to share with us your inspiration thoughts.

    We all can make this world a better place by being the change we want to see in the world.



  6. Dear Chu Ping,

    Thank you for posting this. Indeed, BQ Conference is to connect those willing to see beyond the reality and dream of a beautiful future. I often imagine if one of us, just one, is willing to do something bold and then inspire others to take similar actions, we will be so much better off.

    I’d like to share five reasons that motivate me. Press on.

    1.Take a road trip.

    2. Crate more value than you capture

    3.Build a simple system and let it evolve

    4. Be friendly to those who extend you.

    5.Changing the world by spreading the knowledge of innovators

    6.Work on something that matters to you more than just money

    7.Choose your own adventure

  7. wow, what a wonderful thing you did there!! i wish i were there. being a big part of this meaningful event, you should be proud. where there is a will, there is a way. i am happy for you all, the braves, i am happy for Taiwan, because she has you.

    press on, this is a good beginning.

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