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  1. Dear David:

    Wow, you are a very good student! We are all student for life.

    Thank you for these 8 point reflection and comment. I really appreciate.

    I definitely think you can create a Red Room like Third Place for all your coach network or federation. Red Room for coaches has to be fun and creative. The pendulum has shifted back from virtual world to face to face physical world now. People still need to feel and engage with warm body and genuine smiling faces.

    I encourage Ming to launch an “invitation only” small coaches forum at Dulan, modeled from Ming’s Happier Retreat. This is also my vision to see that Dulan, Taitung becomes a hub for all “International” retreat, workshop, conference and forum. Dulan could become Davos, Switzerland and host Wold Economic Forum. Tourism is not the only way for Taitung. The sky is limit.

    Be the change,


  2. Dear Ping,
    It took me for a while to read through your book, lot of reflection, meditation, homework and action, these are my personal reflection journal to share in the first place:
    1. Be a daymaker, ripplemaker and make a life, not living ( 生意人:生命有意義的人)。
    2. Connect, Learn, Experience, Inspire, Involve, Act and Be the Change: I mean it.
    3. 成功不是偶然,commit to invest 10,000 hours on “愛你所做”, then there is possibility to discover “做你所愛“。
    4. If I don’t agree to the mainstream, don’t just compliant and cry out, stand up to build a tribe with these who share the same vision and passion, build up our own ladders, be different and re-resilience to pursue our own dreams.
    5. Explore the possibility on “科學和人文的對話”, 左腦和右腦的交流,經由反思,對話,到共創(Co-create & Co-creative)的能力。 Connect to 人文的世界:life style, manner, arts,poem, music…etc.
    6. The 3rd space for coaches to meet regularly, this will be happened in 2013.
    7. One BIg Q once a year: What’s our calling and mission as coach in Taiwan?
    8. Connect to your available resources to coaching community.
    Thanks for sharing in the book and my personal experience on what you talk, more to come, God bless you, David

  3. Dear Kitty:

    You definitely are right that I need to know that it is a good idea to publish my book so I can connect with friends like you.

    Thank you for taking time to write this wonderful comments. We are the lucky few who have the chance to accomplish what we thought is successful.

    As I wrote in my book, I decided to self publish the book, not just because of the margin I need to support Ripplemaker Foundation, but because I want my book to be read by those people who are ready or are seeking for truth or new meaning.

    I am so happy that I ( my book ) met you at Nonzero. Nonzero is a new statement to offer honest good food with taste and venture. I never like the idea of having a celebrity chef in the restaurant. Restaurant should be a reflective of the lifestyle of the owner, not just a place that you can get what your money worth. All media is proselytize this lowest denominator. I always was amazed that people flood the restaurant that limit your dining experience within 2 hours. I sometime think what’s wrong with our society to have this value system. The pop culture is too strong to fight. This is why I started Nonzero and believe this honest businessmaking effort can sustain and flourish.

    Stanley Yen is a man on a mission. We are proud of being able to participate his mission. I have learned so much from him on many moments of truth. I can say he is a man with honor and deserve to have our respect and support. I will definitely tell him that his works have won many people’s heart and support, in spite of being misunderstood and misinformed occasionally.

    Taiwan is a unique place in a way that we still can make a difference because the people here are friendly and decent. There are not many places like Taiwan. We need to keep reminding our people that Taiwan deserves to be better only if we can be the change we want to see first.

    No more complaining. Be the change is my mantra.


  4. Hi
    I picked up this book when meeting friend in Non zero. I particularly enjoyed a chapter, promoting the worryfree attitude to embrace “blessing in disguise”. In my early life, usually successful yet linear, excellent school, 政大企研 or career advancement, Unilever Taiwan marketing director within 8 years after school, I felt so powerful and content. Yet, one day, I learned the price I paid… Now, I’m still just a marketing director, but in a new industry, new market place. I enjoy the unfamiliarity and the fact that I need “re-learn” many things. I enjoyed your book a lot and many of your disruptive innovation ideas, ie big balcony, shared bookshelf. I’ll take the step to live these ideas. I post this comment as I believe you’ll be more than happy to know that it’s really a great idea to publish this book and amplify the change you commit to make. By the way, Mr. 嚴 is also hero of Taiwan in my eyes. Please send my regards to him. Kitty @ Shanghai

  5. Dear Mr Ping

    Looks like i just found myself a perfect brithday gift ^^
    although it may take a while to arrive, but i am looking forward to it
    A book from a green person, i am sure i will learn alot from it.

    I have been a hairdresser for about 7 years! Just moved from australia to shanghai not long ago, I love the believes, oganic and 經營模式 of Aveda….. i wish to bring this wonderful concept into this high population city (shanghai ), so we are not just live in a fast economic growing city but yet a lifestyle with real quality, work, living, family, and love.

    But i have no idea where to start from.

    Wish to hear from you

    Jasmine Wang

    1. Dear Jasmine:

      Wow, congratulation to you to take this big step in an ever changing metropolitan city.

      Do you know we don’t believe that commission system is the only reward system in the beauty industry? We open our book and reward people with merit based monthly salary ( everyone will have different salary just like if you work at a big company), in addition to the 20% profit sharing. We celebrate the team effort, time for personal growth, autonomy, mastery with a purpose to make people’s day. Humility is the only way to become a better person, not the star quality that comes from insecurity and fear.

      I don’t know if China is ready for this holistic business philosophy. My belief is always that if you build it, they will come.

      I would recommend you to start small and focus on making a life first, making a living will come naturally. This is the secret for finding a full life.

      Again, hairstylist is the hottest profession if your goal in life is to make people’s day, not to make money. Money will come because you are a businessmaker. ( please read my book on what my definition on Businessmaker. ) People like you and me are re-inventing salon business from a single craft and fear driven business to a lifestyle and community building business. This is why I started Nonzero, Canmeng Institute and Red Room….

      Finally, any business’s disruptive energy always comes from outsiders and peripherals. The establishment is only focused on building their empire and discourage outsiders to get in they can monopolize their establishment. This is why I launched Canmeng Institute. We need more people from outside profession to get into salon business so we can transform salon from commission based culture to a trust based culture.

      Congratulation to become a hairstylist. We have just begun.



  6. hi~ Mr. Chu
    I was the gal, a graphic designer talked to you after your speech at the Live Branding Seminar 🙂 Altho i just know you yesterday, i gotta tell you that i really appreciate your passion and love for life. I really enjoyed your speech and bought ur book after the seminar on the way back home. I’ve already finished couple chapters from the beginning last night!!!
    As you mentioned yesterday abt the Red Room, i will try my best to make time for it, i’ve been thinking abt “change” either my career, life style or social life…..lately…..i think its time to turn words into action! anyway, thanks for every sharing in your book or speech for this society, and for all the ppl in this world 😀 this is the most exciting and wonderful thing happened to me in 2012 so far!!! thanks you!

    Tracy Lin

    1. Dear Tracy:

      🙂 You are so sweet and fill with huge positive energy.

      I don’t remember if you are the one greeted me at last Red Room gathering on 7/21. I just want to encourage you to go to the Red Room on 8/18. Please bring a bottle of your favorite drinks or wine and SHARE with all Red Roomers. This has been one thing that lost in the growing of Red Room. I determined to restore this community feeling. Sometime, we are too conservative to share and to contribute because we really don’t know the concept of “community” in our culture. We are more emphasizing on family, close friends and clan. This is also the Daymaker philosophy I have been advocating. We made other people’s day by sharing our favorite drinks.

      I can see that you are in the phase to take an inventory of what your life has given to you.

      I am glad that you bought my book and found it of being useful. It is a great feeling to be embraced by people like you.

      Now, you need to be aware of your questions to yourself.

      Are you looking for the perfect life? Are you looking for the perfect jobs? Are you looking for the best place to be?

      These are all wrong questions. The real question is:

      How can I live a life I choose to, want to and love to? Do I permit myself to be human and have all the emotions as all human have ( positive and negative ). Am I ready to accept the trade off if I choose what I want to live?

      Life is a journey not a destination they said. Life is taking risk and making decision. Life is the action you take. If you don’t take action, it is also an action in itself.

      Feel the fear and just do it,

      Keep smiling,


  7. Hi, Ping,

    去年,我在商周看到一篇文章介紹Red Room,抱著一顆好奇的心參加。過往,我在人群中很活潑但又很害羞,總是很被動地期待別人邀請我;這一次,我告訴我自己:我要勇敢地~~來點不同的!所以,我第一次的「紅屋運動」,我想要自己一個人去「探險」,沒有呼朋引伴,結果,我竟然….愛上了Red Room!!
    當天晚上,我玩得好開心,台北竟然有一個這麼friendly的地方,讓大家沒有任何目的 ,就只是「分享」;沒有政治黨派、沒有國界,好自在!我當天一直待到結束,幫忙收拾後才離開,因為,Red room就像我們大家的家~~那麼cozy! 這次經驗讓我體會到~~主動才有禮物!!


    「I wish I had taken more risk when I was young.」


    今天是我的生日 (Feb. 16),正是一個良辰吉日,我許下一個心願想跟你分享:今年~我要做一個改變:離開我的舒適圈!我計畫5月離職,希望可以好好發揮我自己,加上我的熱情,為這個社會貢獻我的力量。而我會一一去體驗你在書中所提到的每一個Assignment。

    敬祝 一切平安順心

    See you in Red room in April.


    1. Dear Anita:

      A belated happy birthday to you.

      主動才有禮物!! Happiness also exists in action.

      Your comment here touched my heart. I think my real message is that it is never too late to take a risk on something you believe in. After all, age is only a state of mind.

      I think I remember I met someone who was new to Red Room and stayed late to help out the dish washing chores. I was impressed by these young people willing to participate and contribute. You might be those people I saw that night at the sink.

      Red Room is a great experience for Taiwan’s young people who want to engage with international friends and cultivate a lifelong passion to creative lifestyle. You will meet so many like minded people who love spoken words and creative expression. You have put it so perfect for one of the purposes of Red Room: Red Room wants to be a tribal community where everybody knows your name. It is a like a big commune welcoming everyone without pre-judgment. We are here to cultivate a listening culture.

      See you at Red Room,


      For those people who wants to know more about Red Room, please visit

  8. Dear 朱先生





    附上一篇,去年和男友去台東的遊記,他第一次去台東就著迷了,一心想移居都蘭及創業,所以我將給他第一個課本《The Knack》。


    1. Dear Fred:

      I like Mike’s blog very much. Thanks for the link. Mike is a very special designer.

      You know what. The architect of your teacher’s house and mine is the same one. 🙂 I have been your teacher’s house and like it a lot. Your teacher and I are old friend too.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us here. Dulan, Taitung, is a special place, however, only when you are ready and really spend some quality and solitude time there will you appreciate the special energy there. I used to tell people Dulan is a place where you will be recharged, re-spirited and replenished.

      I am not so keen to encourage young people to escape to Dulan, Taitung. I would recommend young people to explore the world and, only when they are ready, they will know there will be always a place they can call home.

      My book is only for those people who are ready. I think you are very ready. 🙂


      1. Thanks, Ricky. I am glad you can find my book from 淘宝. You are very resourceful. I think a month wait is a good thing so you can read my book when you are ready. Ping

      2. 书已经到手,很开心!也在微博向我的朋友推荐。期待有机会能到大陆出简体版,对大陆年轻人必是很好的礼物。

  9. Dear 朱平先生:

    1. Dear Yalin:

      Now, you know how easy it is to make my day. 🙂

      I don’t think my book is a classic one though. However, I do want more young people read my book only when they are ready.

      I recently told people that we should unabashed and fearlessly promote what we believe in. We are so afraid of showing what we are passionate about.

      Yes, we may make some conservative people uneasy with our ” in your face ” self-promotion.

      I am OK with these people and accept their criticism.

      I just know I am desperate since I don’t have much time. I want those people who are ready to know that they are not alone.

      Feel the fear and do it anyway.

      Love you,


  10. 朱先生,



    1. Dear Stella:

      I am so glad that you posted this comment here. I think you are not the only one who has this disappointment.

      We are not in any position to help anyone except being the change ourselves.

      Engagement is not enough. Spending time with our indigenous friends is the key.

      I think the first step for you is to make some personal friends with our indigenous friends.

      I admire my good friend, Sakinu. ( Please google him or find here on Daymaker Award recipient. ) He has promoted a new tribal philosophy which is not blood related but value/identification alignment. Anyone could be adopted by his tribe if you commit yourself and identify yourself with his tribe. It is a great concept to initiate change but still retain tribal identification.

      If you are interested in your project, please talk to people in Lovely Taiwan or ask Canmeng Aveda team on how we asked 陳媽媽 to ” Help ” Canmeng Aveda to inspire our VIP to vote with what they buy.

      If you have time, I also recommend you to visit bulau tribe ( ) stewarded by my good friend, Wilang. He is my hero to bring the fresh ideas on tribal economy and aesthetic sensibility.

      You are on the right tact to pay attention to things that happened all the time in Taiwan and no one has done anything about it.

      I expect you, the young generation, not to be jaded or cynical about any small steps that can become a ripple.

      We vote with what we buy.


      Dulan is calling you only when you are ready.

  11. Dear Tsai Jung:

    Thank you for your encouraging words. I decided to publish this book not only want to raise money for Ripplemaker Foundation, but also want to spread my message through those who know me. This is how ripple starts.

    Please continue writing to me here in English. Please don’t worry about grammar, however, I do encourage you to re-read your writing before sending it out. It is the secret of personal mastery on anything you do.

    Book is one of the best gifts you can give to your friends so you can grow together with your friends.

    Love you.


  12. Dear Mr. Chu,

    I was long time no on your website, but i still have read your column at ppaper business, today(12/6) i buy the ppaper business and i know you publish ” businessmaker daymaker ripplemaker” i am so happy hear that.

    As soon as i find the Aveda store and buy this book,
    it is best thing to have this book.
    I want tell you i am your fans, you are my
    role model, I will read this book and share with my

    Tsai Jung

  13. Dear Nobunaga:

    Thank you for your interest.
    Yes, we just ship the books to all Canmeng network and Canbran network salons.

    If you need to find the close to you, please call 2721-7909 and ask for Iris.

    I really wish we can rekindle our passion and courage to live a life we choose to, not have to.



  14. 朱先生 日安




  15. 孫小姐您好






  16. Dear Nini:

    Let’s keep rippling, together.

    I am too lazy to put up any new info on my blog. Please forgive me.

    I will put up some more info in the near future.

    Thank you for making my day. I need it.



  17. 很欣賞也很認同朱先生的”悅日人””漣漪人”運動,相信我也可以是那連漪的中心。朱先生,感謝你!祝福你!

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