Shining Eyes

一個不得不讓人感受到Benjamin Zander對古典音樂的熱情及啟發的video. 一定要看。看完後請分享。

8 thoughts on “Shining Eyes”

  1. Dear Meng Hsuan:

    You are my daymaker today. Thanks.

    Thank you for your kind words. When you are ready, teacher shows up. 🙂

    Benjamin Zander is a master in presentation. His energy and passion just light up so many shinning eyes.

    See you in November issue of ICB.


  2. 這影片最厲害的地方,是即使你不懂古典音樂,也聽不懂所有的英文,



  3. Dear Freda:

    Yes, when we savoring the spiritual experience together, we stay together.

    Life is full of magic moment. A simple video can bring us together. Please bookmark the and invest your time there. You will be enlightened by all these brilliant minds.

    Thank you for becoming a regular tribe memeber in my blog.



  4. Dear Tsung Chuan:

    I am glad that you fall in love with Benjamin Zander as I did. Mr. Zander is a great orator, performer and inspiration speaker.

    He definitely made my eyes shining with tears.


  5. Ben Zener is so good. He is simple and easy to understand, yet he touches deep. His powerful insight reminds us to create energy to press on within ourselves. He makes me cry and laugh at the same time.

    I will come back and listen to him, often.

    Thank you for posting.

  6. 一位令人感動的人生智者,他談的不只是古典音樂,而是生命,觀念,態度與想法! 非常有靈性! 很棒的分享!
    發人深省! 很多方面的啟發! 值得推薦!

  7. Dear Kwali:

    Welcome to my tribe. A tribe to pursuit truth through dialogue and action.

    I am so glad to see you here. I have told you that you are responsible to modernize and upgrade the creative energy of your tribe. I have high expectation from you. Please let me know if I can help you and your dad in anyway I can. Please check into my writing on for profit social enterprise on

    This is a blog that I was invited to share Taiwan’s cultural creative business with China’s top gun in creative business. It is an interesting blog if you want to know what the other side think about cultral creative business. I have learned a lot.

    Yes, I need to get to know Benjamin Zendar better. He actually got involved with lots of leadership development workshop with his wife too. Thank you for the link. Now, I know you are the google generation. Google is your best teacher and will get you connected with the cutting edge knowledge and ideas.



    Please say hi to Wilang and your mom.

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