Nonzero is hiring - refer yourself or your friend!

Nonzero非零正在尋找工作夥伴, 如果您有興趣或認識很適合Nonzero的朋友,請馬上聯絡Regina Lin,,也歡迎打電話(02)2772-1630。


服務與銷售悅日人(Service & Retail Associate)

  • 有門市零售,或服務業工作經驗一年以上
  • 表達能力佳,個性活潑,喜歡與人接觸
  • 正職3位
  • 兼職3位

中央廚房廚師?(Food Associate)

  • 廚藝經驗兩年以上,專業或業餘皆可
  • 組織能力強,喜歡一個以團隊為主、而不是主廚個人主義的工作環境
  • 正職3位
  • 兼職3位

廚務助理(Kitchen Helper for Food Preparation and Cleaning)

  • 有廚務、食材備料的經驗
  • 歡迎二度就業或有團膳經驗的媽媽們 (我們希望通過提供就業機會,正職或兼職皆可,讓他們能夠經濟獨立)
  • 兼職3位



未來Nonzero非零的成功在於我們堅持We are what we do. We are what we eat. We are what we buy. 並且凝聚一個相信Nonzero非零願景的團隊。在Nonzero我們不問你能貢獻什麼,我們只問你想做哪些不同的事,為人生帶來不一樣的可能性。只要你也相信在Nonzero非零能創造自我實現。

  • 你是快樂的人嗎?
  • 你會有勇氣跟主管分享你內心的想法嗎?
  • 你一直在追尋一個不僅是工作,而是能生活的地方嗎?
  • 你願意打破舊有的傳統工作方式,並有機會做自己不熟悉的事情嗎?
  • 你認為你有很好的工作倫理嗎?
  • 有人跟你說過「你很愛笑」嗎?
  • 你做過義工嗎?
  • 你曾買過一個東西, 是因為它的設計吸引你, 而不只是價格的因素?
  • 在過去的一周, 你曾有意識地做了哪件事, 讓ㄧ個人因為您的一句話、一個小舉止、小禮物、小幫忙、真心的服務, 創造他人愉快的一天.
  • 你有看過生意人, 悅日人, 漣漪人漣漪詞這兩本書嗎?

如果你的回答都是Yes,請寫信給我們,安排面談的時間,讓我們和你一起探索成為Nonzero非零夥伴的可能性:如果你很喜歡親手做菜、喜歡烘培,歡迎你應徵我們的Food Team! 如果你很喜歡讓人快樂、喜歡和朋友分享好東西,歡迎加入我們的Service Team!

Email to Regina Lin at




4 thoughts on “Nonzero is hiring - refer yourself or your friend!”

  1. Dear Freda:

    You are the first one to leave a message here to congratulate Nonzero to be selected as 50th of the 101 best restaurant in Asia.

    It is an honor to be recognized after 7 years persistence. I know Nonzero may not meet the mainstream food scene in Taiwan. However, I am convinced that for those who are ready, either has lived in the abroad or happened to visit in Taiwan, would appreciated our concept and our way of doing business.

    It is an uphill battle to tell people that food is not just healthy or organic ( it is given ), food should retain layers of flavors. Food is, to me at least, also a manifestation of a culture. In Taiwan, I try to promote a multi-ethnics and international friendly food scene. I am really tired to see the pendulum shifted way to the left with too much emphasize on 原味 and not enough on flavors and aromas. It is time to celebrate all the comfort food from all around the world.

    Thank you, my old pal. You know where I come from and, now, you will also see where I am going to.

    Nonzero has been selected to the top 50 restaurant in Asia by this well known international travel and food website. ( we are ranked 50th. :-))

    We vow to continue to evolve. We will not just settle on this laurel and stop changing. I personally believe Nonzero is just starting to embark a new venture.

    I want to thank all the ex-employee and ex-chefs, without them, Nonzero could not be here today. I also want to thank our current new team since they are having a bigger responsibility to move Nonzero to the next phase now.

    The phone is still ringing off the hook this afternoon.

    We are fully booked. 🙂

    Be the change,


  2. 朱平老師你好:



  3. I really enjoyed the environment atmosphere at Non-Zero. If I was Taiwan Resident, I would have loved to take this opportunity and refer myself. Taiwan is where I learned coffee and pastry and gave me the opportunity to explore combining arts, food and culture.


    All the best and good luck.


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