2nd Anniversary of Red Room–Great Photos

Red Room的2周年紀念,在大家的一片歡笑聲中,順利落幕。





12月的Red Room活動
WHEN: 2011/12/17 (Every Third Saturday of the Month) 6:30pm to 10:30pm
WHERE: 2F, 117, Da-an Rd Sec 1, Taipei City
ADMISSION: 兩百元入場費 (NT$200 at door)

* Please bring your own bottle of wine to drink or share. We will set up an ad hoc bar at the Red Room.
*For more information, send an e-mail to red.room.taipei@gmail.com or visit www.redroom.com.tw

6 thoughts on “2nd Anniversary of Red Room–Great Photos”

  1. Dear Dora:

    Please just come with your friends on time so you can have enough time to get to know more like minded Red Roomers.

    You can find the venue and rules on this blog.

    It is this free spirit that made Red Room unique.

    Thank you for taking action and asking this question.


  2. Dear Carol:

    I also noted that Red Room is a great way to introduce our international friends ( new or old ) to Taipei’s culture scene.

    Yes, please bring your friends to Red Room and join me to create this new movement together.

    Actually, I encourage people to start their own “Red Room” if they have a passion and want to share.

    If you build it, they will come.

    Hope to see you soon. Please come up to me and let me get to know you.



  3. Dear Freda;

    Happiness is a choice and exists only in action.

    Red Room has her own share of growing pains. We are planning to change Red Room’s structure in 2012. No risk, no glory. Change we must.


  4. Hi, I am really interested in this activity. May you kindly let me know how to sign up? And can I sign up for my friend as well? Dora

  5. I was waiting for your new book and as soon as I get it, read it… realized that I did not attend to red room for an year. (I joined the 1st anniversary, very lucky to know about red room and had chance to join it!) The idea of red room is brilliant and I like to tell friends about red room especially with who just arrived Taiwan. Hope I will be able to join red room again soon. 🙂

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