No Walking

富邦台北馬拉松 (2010.12.19)

即使目前有許多慢跑俱樂部,但我仍認為慢跑是一個孤獨的運動。慢跑不須呼群引伴,更不須特別的場地,所需要的僅是一雙好的跑鞋。 在三年多的慢跑中,我發現慢跑已不僅是為了健康,而是一種認識自己的過程。對我來講,慢跑更是一種對紀律與毅力的挑戰。有時那種需要孤獨的感覺,更是許多慢跑迷的致命吸引。 這是我第二次參加半馬拉松,不求破自己的紀錄,對自己只有一個要求:全程絕不走路。有多少次,尤其上坡時,真想走一下,休息一下再繼續跑,但因為對自己有承諾,終於全程沒有走路,並在最後用跑一百公尺的速度,衝刺到終點。

I set a goal to run the whole way in this half-marathon, my second one, and glad to report that I did it. No walking the whole way!

6 thoughts on “No Walking”

  1. Dear Freda:

    Caring for your grandson! Wow, it is a different phase in your life.

    Please just do it. Life is too short to wait for another right moment. I wish you took a trip to Williamsberg tomorrow and rent a small cottage for a few months.

    Have you heard Leonard Cohen’s voice. The older he gets, the better his voice becomes. I just adore him. He is almost a God to me. 🙂

    Freda, my old pal, don’t life a live that other people expect you to live.

    We may have another 20 productive years on this earth. Pretty soon, we will be all gone.

    Live a life here and now.



  2. i actually had a blog for a long long time when my kids were in college. that was the means i done a lot of communications with them. also served as an occasional journal. after facebook came on, i stopped that blog and started facebooking.

    my goal for next year, besides caring for my grandson, is to take ceramic lessons, making things from scratch. williamsberg is famous with their artists’ studios. i want to do something that i have been craving for all my adult life.

    fyi, i am still singing in choir, with my now scratchy and much mature, sometimes broken voice. haha, how can you win against time.

  3. Dear Freda:

    When I set a goal, I always try to reach it, even it will take a little bit longer.

    Now, I set my goal to try the triathlon in 2011. I’d better start to train myself for this last challenge. Swimming is the difficult one since there are not many swimming pool good for swimming in Taipei.

    You should set some goals too. The goal needs not be challenging one. You can set a goal to start your blog, learning Yoga, volunteer at hospital or hiking the mountains in your States….

    Most men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with their song still in them. -Henry David Thoreau-

    Freda, you are one of a kind girl. I still can see you singing in the church choir. You have a great voice to share.



  4. wow, this is great. i admire your ability to sustain this challenge.
    i am sure your 2010 ended on a high note. you look wonderful from the picture.
    press on, just don’t work too hard.
    i may see you in Taipei at the end of May, if you are around.

  5. Dear Edward:

    Thank you for your comment. You are absolutely right that running will give you a chance to see things that you normally will not notice it. I took my running shoes in my business trip so I can see and feel the vibes of the places that I have meeting in.

    My next goal is to prepare myself for the triathlon for 2011 in Taitung.

    I will start my training next year for this challenge.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,


  6. Dear Ping,

    Yesterday we had a great weather in Taipei, I woke up very early and can’t wait to Taipei City Hall to celebrated this big event. And I ran half-marathon too, it’s my forth time of half-marathon, and also the second year participant in Taipei Fubon Marathon.

    My sense of accomplishment is that we really finished by our feet, tracing the 21km, we drew a big square route on the Taipei City map, this is the best opportunity for our Taipei resident to looking into our living place by checking every corner, tree, flower different part to our city in the Sunday morning.

    It’s time to say good bye to 2010, wish Taipei City can be more internationalization in the future, let’s welcome year 2011.


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