Escape Artist 聖誕節慈善拍賣會


今年年底拿出妳們的愛心與Escape Artist 過一個不一樣的聖誕季。
從12/6至12/15 Escape Artist 與 Yahoo!奇摩公益拍賣結合,舉行線上慈善藝術拍賣,
拍賣各界名人與素人在Escape Artist 創作的藝術作品,

-Escape Artist
Brendon Chen? 誠摯敬邀!

Dear Friends of Escape Artist,

More and more people are opening up to the idea of Paintertainment; with the simple stroke of a brush marks the beginning your creative exploration.

We believe art and creativity is for everyone and should be incorporated in our daily lives as a form and expression, inspiration, relaxation, and social interaction.

In the month of December, Escape Artist invites you to be apart of our very first Christmas Charity Art Auction!

From 12/6~12/15 Escape Artist and Yahoo will auction off 30 donated paintings created by EA customers to raise funds for? CSS Mu-En Infant Care—–All proceeds will be given to the CSS Mu-En Infant Care Facility in Tien Mu.

This link will bring you to the on-line auction:

Sincerely yours,
The Escape Artist<><>

2 thoughts on “Escape Artist 聖誕節慈善拍賣會”

  1. Dear Freda:

    Yes, I painted this for the charity purpose. I don’t know if there are anyone bid on this painting.

    Anyway, it was fun and for a good cause.

    Love to see you checking in.

    How is the weather in the Staes?


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