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  1. Dear Lily:

    Thank you for your thoughtful comments. I also believe my team has done their part.

    I know Window Farm is a project only for those people who are ready to commit time and energy to grow their own food. I was so touched by these people’s selfless effort to create this open sourced and user driving project. How come we cannot have this kind of co-creation spirit?

    I think our Window Farm is a statement that we are willing to try new thing, even we are not ready for it.

    I decided to order the kit from http://www.windowfarms.org I think they may have a better designed air pump system to make sure the water flow smoothly.

    Will keep you post about this new kit ordered directly from the States.

    Be the change,


  2. 親愛的朱平

    當供水系統出現問題時 對於盆栽植物的確是一個致命傷
    再加上氣候乾燥 室內空調這些負面因素



  3. Dear qqqvicky:

    Actually, we did not perfect the system yet. The feeding tube was blocked easily. We did not add enough nutrients into the system either. We did not trim the herb on daily basis. The most important thing, like everything else, is the maintenance.

    Our team needs to assign team member to take care of the growing on daily basis. In reality, it is hard to assign people to things that they don’t have a heart into it. Most people don’t have green thumbs.

    We have herb plants died out due to the lack of mindful tenderness. I am not happy to see what had happened.

    I told my team that Window Farm is not a window display like holiday or theme window dressing. It is a movement we try to inspire. We all can grow our own food with the better use of our window.

    Well, I will make another try and see if we can make it a sustainable and thriving window farm.

    Plant is like human being. Without tender care, we all die out.



  4. 這點子真的太棒了,既能回收空瓶再利用,還可以種植美化環境的綠葉,而且靠自己親手照顧植物,從小芽到茁壯,那種成就感無與倫比完美。

  5. Dear Lily Chen:

    Only when you are ready, we shall meet here.

    Thank you for being a curious person to trace me here. You are the 0.01% of the readers who took action, not just being inspired.

    You can almost get everything from the DIY kit from http://www.windowfarms.org

    By the way, we did not use seed to germinated these herbs. We planted directly from seedlings.

    Yes, I hope one day we can see more people launch their window farm project and harvest it for drinks or cooking.

    Taipei is still a place where people want to do innovate things.

    Be the change,


  6. Dear Lily Yang:

    You are very observative. When I propose to do this kind of window dressing, my team insisted to collect the one liter size bottles so we can make a strong statement. Well, it took us almost 2 months to collect enough one litter sizes from our VIP. In the mean time, I want to thank these VIP who are willing to take the trouble to bring back their one liter size bottle to us. Of course, we also promised them to take away the herb once it grows healthy.

    In Taiwan, sometime, you are really wondering why we have so many great citizens who are not only eco conscience but also take action to participate. I can only conclude that we all want to be a social responsible consumers, we need leadership and a healthy environment. Canmeng provides this healthy environment that they want to participate and have a sense of ” we did it together ” community feeling.

    I don’t know if our team actually harvest these herb yet. Originally, we want to plant some cherry tomato too.

    Thank you for your simple comment. It means a lot to me. It can move mountain for our team too. 🙂



  7. This is my first time visiting this blog, being directed from ppaper business. This idea and implementation are so cool and inspiring…wondering how I could do the same thing at home…where could I get the seeds of herbs?

    Thanks for sharing!! 🙂

  8. 朱先生

    相信它的成本不會比DIY kit便宜 但卻別具意義 還可以收到廣告效益

    我很好奇你們種了哪幾種植物?如果沒看錯好像有mint 這樣的話 收成時可以拿來調雞尾酒或烤羊排

    另外1273是否是胖胖瓶回收總數量 像圖中的這一面落地窗應該用了一百多個瓶子吧

    What a pretty project.


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