The Red Room videos

I’m sharing three videos of the Red Room. Aren’t they amazing?

The Red Room is about having a stage and being listened to.The audience is also amazing as they created a safe and warm environment for us to express ourselves creatively.

You can get most up-to-date information from The Red Room Facebook

4 thoughts on “The Red Room videos”

  1. Hay, Jill:

    Thank you for taking action. 🙂

    I hope you enjoy the Red Room event last Saturday.

    Red Room is not for everyone. However, once you like it, it will grow on you and you will see the world in a different eyes.

    This is also what Taiwan needs. In our lifestyle, we don’t have the opportunity to express ourselves freely. We normally just want to be a passive audience and don’t make waves, especially, don’t make fun of yourself in the public. Actually, the public performance is the best way to train your self confidence and get it over the fear of public speaking.

    Again, all you need to do is to share a poem or a verse that touched you deeply.

    Red Room is a space to practice deep listening too. It is this deep listening that makes us a Daymaker to each other.

    Yes, Red Room is not only a Daymaker but also a Ripplemaker in action. 🙂



  2. Dear Mr. Chu,

    It was such a pleasant surprise to have met you this afternoon! As you said, a person can only live in happiness if he or she takes action, so here I am, leaving a message to you.:) The red room looks amazing and I can’t wait to get to know it more.
    Look forward to seeing you and the “secret 2F”!;)


  3. Dear Freda:

    I am glad that you like what we have been doing here in Taiwan. Actually, there are lots of people in Taiwan taking the initiative to engage with their passion.

    Red Room indeed is something very special and created a new space for many people who took a refuge in this creative space.

    Wish you can be here.



  4. thank you for posting. now i can imagine the atmosphere of these red room affairs. awesome. the facebook pictures are artsy too. i can tell how much people were enjoying the moment. what a wonderful idea you have offered. congratulations.

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