Nonzero – My Place My Kitchen

After a small scale renovation in June, Nonzero exterior now spots a new look and the interior also feels brighter and more spacious. Our regular customers seem to like the changes made to the space. Thank you for your support.

Our new look from the outside

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And the inside now looks like this.

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10 thoughts on “Nonzero – My Place My Kitchen”

  1. Hi Ping,

    It was a pleasure talking to you the other day, as it always is…
    I’m always impressed with the pleasant, relaxing nature and positive zeal for life that you emanate. Your such a loving personable person, truly an inspiration to others. I sense, your love for people and life…..please continue to be who you are…..!!!

    Thank you for introducing Ming to me, she is a lovely person as well.
    I mentioned a few recipes..she could ponder over….
    just a little inspiration….from a different perspective….

    Here are some recipe ideas, I would like to share with you, French Creole Jambalaya, Shrimp or Crab Gumbo, Hearty American Beef Stew, New England Clam Chowder and Sheperds Pie.

    These are some of the….. rich and hearty soups and stews, which are all time favorites…that I think would be worth considering….just trying to help!!!

    A German friend of mine, owns a bakery….could provide scrumptious homemade bread to accompany the soups and stews….if your interested.

    Terry Miller
    Jack of All Trades, Master of None……

  2. Dear Homeboy:

    Thank you for making my day with your most generous comment.

    Actually, I agree with you that Nonzero always has room to improve, especially, in the service. We are short of help sometime and this situation will definitely impact our service excellence.

    As you may know that Nonzero’s big table is designed for communal eating. I also happen to believe that big table is a way to create a single friendly eating experience. We are also whom we eat with. I encourage our guest to strike a conversation with fellow guests at Nonzero. We all must have something in common to choose Nonzero as our favorite eating place. We always can make some new friends at Nonzero. This is the goal to make Nonzero a true Third Place.

    Of course, sometime, we just want to be left alone. If that is the case, I hope you can ask our team to escort you to a more private area so you can be left alone.

    I actually made lots of friends whenever I saw people eating alone at Nonzero. They may just catch up their reading or simply wind down from a hectic day. I always approach them with admiration that they can create their own simple please by eating at Nonzero alone.

    Hope one day, I shall meet you at Nonzero and get to know you better.

    You are a very special person to leave such a positive and empowering comment.



  3. Dear Ping,

    Last night was my first visit to Nonzero and it was absolutely an amazing experience! I completely fell in love with this place – it’s not just an restaurant, it is part of the living that we have all been longing for! You have made your mark on integrating the way Taipei citizen’s dining style.

    One thing I was curious is that I drop by alone, so I was expecting someone escorting me to a seat where I can be left alone 🙂 And yet it didn’t happen. I was left to a big table alone. I didn’t have time to browse every corner of the place but I guess there should be some sort of place where we can really be LEFT ALONE right? No worries. I will definitely come again for a tea or something soon. Food is awesome, great ppl, excellent service. I will bring more fds who would have the same kind of appreciation of the quality you guys come to offer to visit Nonzero again.


  4. Dear Jun:

    I always believe that we are preparing ourselves all the time so destiny can find us.

    I never thought that my writing on I Love Yoga magazine long time ago has connected me and you.

    There must be a reason that we finally connected in person.

    Janet is not only a brilliant host, but also an old soul with big heart. She has a way to connect people with her authenticity. I simply fell in love with her when I had a few most memorable moments with her at Dulan.

    Jun, I am glad that our destiny has crossed finally. Let’s keep in touch so we can share our journey with vulnerability and humility in the future.

    Nonzero is only a lifestyle statement that I want to make. Only when you are ready, you will see Nonzero with a different eyes.

    Life is beautiful,

    Let’s infect Taiwan together. 🙂


    Yes, cannot wait to reconnect with you this Saturday. You will get a glimpse of the world that I and my friends want to create in Taiwan. We are the architect of our life. Red Room is an experiment of this philosophy. We may not be able to create reality as Ayn Rand told us with her Objectivism, however, we can perceive reality if we take action with a mind set of infinitive opportunities. If you build it, they will come. Red Room is a tribe we want to create together. I will send you a separate invitation email to you today.

  5. Dear Ping,
    It has taken me a while to gather my words of gratitude but better late than never.
    I meant to write to tell you how much I enjoyed dinner at NonZero on the shooting of “Fun Taiwan” with Janet. The night was filled with such great energy, for the great food, great talk, great company, but mostly for your immense positive outlook on life, or rather, on living, and passion for giving back to the community. That is truly inspiring.
    I once heard a saying somewhere, “Happiness is a virus, infect as many people as you can.” I think I have been infected that night in a Nonzero way, indeed. Haha!

    Thanks for sharing, Sheila Chandra, and some other new ideas of connecting to life outside my world.
    Giving is a blessing, thanks for setting a great example of that by just doing what you do.
    I will see you this Saturday at The Red room with my guitar and my ears!

    yours inspired-truly,

  6. Dear Freda:

    Thank you for your post. You are always my number 1 fan. 🙂

    Nonzero is a statement of what I would like to see in Taiwan’s food scene.

    I am the few who have reservation to use Night Market food to attract foreigners unless we can clean up the Night Market food with proper hygiene. Unfortunately, I am the minority here in Taiwan. People just want to have cheap and tasty food, don’t care for too much about hygiene, environment and aesthetics.

    Actually, I think we should have a way to encourage our Night Market Food peddlers to raise their hygiene standard since they all made lots of profit. We vote with what we buy! Ultimately, it is still me, you and consumers who will decide on what kind of food peddlers we want to support. Will you buy something cost you a little bit more because the owner puts so much attention to hygiene, environment and aesthetic issue? Personally I don’t think so because people who frequently eat or shop at Night Market do not care about these lofty or civilized ideas. Someone told me that if night market becomes too clean, they will not go. I am all for the hustle and bustle, entrepreneur’s energetic passion about their offering and the feel of the Night Market. I just want to see a little bit more concern about the hygiene, rest room, the way they clean and prepare their food and all the environmental concern.

    Nonzero is a lifestyle choice. Not many people will become a regular unless they are fully engaged in Nonzero lifestyle in their life. I am glad to see more and more younger generation support Nonzero with their action. Most of these young regulars are educated aboard and are with creative profession.

    By the way, the food in Nonzero is getting better and better now. I stop explaining what kind of food Nonzero has. I just tell people it is a Nonzero food and they have to experience it to make their own decision. If they like it, please support Nonzero by bringing their friends to Nonzero.

    We start to use freshest local ingredients and seasonal vegetables from small sustainable farm with a fusion cooking. It is a West meets East type of food. I like it to see this transition. ( We used to only serve tapas like and Spanish or Mediterranean dishes, not any more. ) I only have one recommendation to my kitchen team. They need to create food that all Nonzero team can eat on daily basis. In a most honest way, they should not cook anything special for their own lunch or dinner. They should just eat what they offer tody in Nonzero. I insist all Nonzero team have to set the time apart and eat dinner the proper way with napkin on the big table. I know I cannot eat Mediterranean dishes every day. I still need some Chinese food. 🙂

    I think my team own these bikes. They actually bike to work.

    Be the change,



  7. looking good. better layout. i am glad to see there is a small table for people who wants to be left alone.

    is it safe to leave those cute bikes outside?

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