Join me at TEDxGuangzhou 2009/12/05


在12月5日我將參加廣州的TED大會,如果有興趣可以在當天上網站同步參與。我的演講時間是4:05pm – 4:20pm。

I am going to give a talk at TEDxGuangzhou on Dec 5, 2009. The program runs from 10am to 4.30pm and I will be the last speaker at 4.05pm. I will share my core business philosophy which is “If you build it, they will come”.

You can watch it on and here’s the live broadcast link

China is very sophisticated now with this kind of live broadcast so millions of people can watch simultaneously. It is our role to facilitate open-mindedness of young people from both sides of the straits so they can appreciate each other’s strengths and start learning and growing together.

4 thoughts on “Join me at TEDxGuangzhou 2009/12/05”

  1. Dear Annie:

    Your writing is really good. Please make a habit to voice your opinion, even you did not get the answer. It is this “Process ” that will prepare you for the bigger task.

    I think we all need to redefine what is winning first. John Wooden has shared his wisdom about winning: It is knowing that you have done the best you can. You are accountable for your own conscience and your own efforts. You can win by not doing your best sometime if you are really good at it. However, this winning means nothing if you did not do the best you can.

    I think you are winning if you can achieve authentic happiness by making people happier or helping people finding meaning in life. However, if you use society’s definition of winning, you will be confused and bewildered.

    I am not here to preach. This is why I am a businessmaker first. I am in the business to making people’s day through my products and services. Hence, I am a Daymaker. Hopefully, I can be the change I want to see in the world so I can become a tiny ripple to launch a movement through ripple effect. Hence, I am a Ripplemaker.

    For young people like you, I encourage you to study and be a winnier ( do the best you can ) in study, not necessarily in exam though. I never be good in exam. This is why I am only a B student. However, I cultivate broader interests. I am a voracious reader too.

    I think, statistically, most entrepreneurs are not from Ivy League University. Many great scientists or scholars may come from good university. Of course, if you want to live a middle class life, a degree from a good University is a good bet. Again, there is no guarantee to have a good life if you graduated from a good University.

    Actually, come to think of it, if you are good with study, you should be able to get into good school anyway.

    Winning is a limited thinking. Be true to yourself is more hard than winning sometime. You will learn this eventually.

    In the same token, there is no losing in life either as long as you have done your best.

    John Wooden would smile at us now.

    Merry Christmas,


  2. Dear Mr.Chu,

    I’m a twelve grader, and this’s my first time leaving a reply to an admirable elder! Not fluent as my writing skill, I’am glad to step forward. After watching the video of John Wooden, I do feel his passion in educating, especially one’s virtue. I got impressed by his strong words in the film, “Never mention winning, never mention winning.” How unforgettable!
    However, since I am about to have my college Entrance Exam, what teachers have told me, also unforgettable, is that, indeed the process and the spirit of doing a matter is holy and valuable, but one day you will find out the society cares much more results than the process. In fact, I think I am convinced of this theory in someway.
    I would like to consult your opinion and maybe know what the reality is like. Will John Wooden’s great spirits too ideal? Can you tell me what’s your motto when suffering difficulty? And I’m confused why so many great people stress that success doesn’t lie in good diploma while most of them all have outstanding diploma themselves?

    Thanks for your video sharing, this opening communication flat solving everyone’s problems and your respentful patience!!

  3. Dear Freda:

    I am not a good speaker to give short and concise speech. Well, it is a challenge for me to tell stories within 15 minutes. I guess I just have to learn how to do this.

    It is OK if you missed due to the difference of the hours. I think they will post it on eventually.

    You are my most loyal fan. 🙂


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