非零餐廳 Nonzero Restaurant announcement

cimg6937.jpgDear Friends:I have always wanted to open a restaurant ever since I started the Aveda business. Nonzero is an organic and whole food gourmet restaurant with a retail store that focuses on fine food items and vintage collection. It finally opens for business after five month’s preparation. Nonzero is a place you can call home. The idea is to bring back the taste in healthy eating through simple and artisanal cooking. We want to provide a new option in Taipei’s restaurant scene. Nonzero fulfils our yearning for simple, healthy and delicious cooking. We won’t hold a grand opening. Instead we hope you will just drop by and experience it for yourself. When you’re here, do remember to check out the vintage and gift items in our store. Plenty of one of a kind items for your treasure hunting. We are what we do.

We are what we eat.

We are what we buy.

Ping Chu

p.s. please help us spread the words by forwarding this email to your friends.


N0.5, Alley 4, Lane27, Sec. 4, Ren-Ai Road, Taipei, Taiwan. Tel: 02-2772-1630

Lunch: NT$ 500 + set or a la carte

Dinner: NT$ 1500 + set or a la carte

親愛的好朋友:前一陣子在電話中,我的一位好友說我是瘋子。開一個只有28張椅子的餐廳及賣食品、二手貨的小雜貨禮品店。他難以相信我會從事這種“小生意”。我在電話中,謝謝他的關心,只是請他過來非零Nonzero看一下,再做最後的斷語。 約了時間,他跟他朋友一起過來非零Nonzero,雖然他馬上驚喜愛上非零Nonzero 的健康美味食物,也願意推薦他所有的好朋友,他仍然告訴我,即使每天28張椅子坐滿人,仍只是一個小生意,太累不值得。但是他也知道我有一個夢想: 肯愛的非零Nonzero是一個生活方式,生活風格。更是一個屬於你我的地方。 台灣需要有更多人提供新的選擇,如果您喜歡非零Nonzero的生活風格並願意支持我們所提倡的生活方式,您就會成為非零Nonzero的常客(regulars)。非零Nonzero沒有特別好,特別不同,只是一個新的選擇。喜歡的人就會喜歡,不喜歡的人也不能強求。 非零Nonzero就應該是代表我們的生活。我們僅是告訴大家生活有另一種選擇,希望大家能一同分享這種生活。 生命就是一種探索。冒險的學習。 在非零Nonzero的餐廳中,您有機會吃沒有吃過不同文化的傳統食物,而我們所設計的簡單、不過份用力裝飾的菜單更是我們的特色。 在這裡,您可以購買到我們在世界各地找到的獨特食品,飲料及二手貨。


We are what we do.

We are what we eat.

We are what we buy.







12 thoughts on “非零餐廳 Nonzero Restaurant announcement”

  1. Dear 洋梨:

    Thank you for your comment here.

    I don’t quite get the meaning of your writing.

    Again, I guess I am only accountable for my own action. As you have made the comment before, the world is still full of kind and generous people. It is this belief that I am hopeful that life is beautiful.

    Thank you for making my day.



  2. 有一天

    你的面色高傲 額頭外露 身型高聳

  3. Dear Jack:

    Thank you for your kind and generous words.

    Nonzero Restaurant is part of my grand experiment. I know by heart that more like minded people will gravitate to Nonzero over time. Thank you for your support.

    I just want to take this opportunity to thank Nonzero team, Ada, Zoya, Sar, Ozzie, Emma… for their faith in me and the hard work to re-invent Nonzero constantly.

    If we all vote with what we buy, we can change the wold.

    ” Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world, indeed it’s the only thing that ever has. ” -Margaret Meade-

    Be the change,


  4. Dear Jerry:

    First, I want to apologize not to return your most enthusiastic email. I simply forgot to check this article’s comments until Jack has posted his kind and generous comment.

    Jerry, you really don’t have to wait for anyone. You can do it when you are ready. Yes, it will require some initial investment and may run the risk of losing all your investment.

    However, if you really believe in yourself and save enough money, you can start with very small investment.

    It is not what we want to do, but what we are willing to trade off to follow our dream that is the right big question.

    I would suggest you to love what you do first. After a total commitment for what you are doing and learn everything you need to learn in your current work, you should get out of the comfort zone and ask for new assignment or things that no one wants to do. Only after working for a few years and make your marks first can you think about starting your own business.

    The failure rate for any new start up is almost 90% after first 5 years. It is not easy to start a business that is sustainable. This is why I sometime tell young people that have to have proven track records of making things happened in their existing work before going out on their own.

    Restaurant business is a very difficult business. Nonzero Restaurant is only break even on cash flow basis. On the balance sheet and income statement , Nonzero is still losing money and will not get the initial investment back till 2019.

    I will not recommend anyone to open Nonzero restaurant until they know the return of investment first.

    However, i am glad that Taipei can offer a place like Nonzero for those who understand the real value of Nonzero restaurant. Nonzero is a place belongs to all people who believe in environmental concerns and aesthetic sensibility can go hand in hand. Healthy, Beauty and Well being are inseparable.

    I am sure one day there will be a Nonzero restaurant in China.

    Please keep in touch.

    Be the change,


  5. 朱先生您好:


  6. 朱先生您好:
    我是在O2对您的专访上第一次认识了您,昨天,我又把这本杂志翻开,机缘巧合下点入了您的博客…我想,您给我今后的人生很大的启发。自从大学毕业后,我一直在寻找自我、自我实现的过程中挣扎,我是一个工作和生活分不开的人,我也一直在寻找一种符合自己生活方式的工作。您的非零餐厅我非常喜欢,如果您打算到大陆来投资的话我可以帮您管理,或者条件成熟,我也会自己开一家。我本身是学设计的,毕业后也学了些咖啡、茶道、应用心理学以及管理。我想,或者我也可以从家具行业开始,开一家家具业的“非零”。以后,也可以投资有机农庄、咖啡店、茶馆等等。但是问题在于以我目前的状态,更倾向于帮助有这样理念的企业家管理这样的社会企业,而在大陆,这样的企业或者有这样想法的企业家还真的不多,我想,这也是我目前的尴尬处境。朱先生,对于我目前的状态,您能给我一些建议么~! 谢谢

  7. Dear Angel:

    I am so sorry that we did not do the right thing to, at least, have the courtesy to acknowledge your friend’s application. I will ask Nonzero team to look into this.

    Now, you should know that I am not prefect and I am only good for my last act. This is why my team is more important than me.

    Please get to know Nonzero team. If I were your friend, I would visit Nonzero and invested a coffee or beer to talk to Nonzero team. By sending resume to apply a job is a lousy way to find the work you always want to.

    Thank you for letting me know this.



  8. 朱先生 您好,

    近日在104人力銀行看到貴餐廳有在招募人員,我的朋友非常有興趣想加入您的團隊,但是,投過幾次履歷都無下文. 於是我們就打電話過去詢問,結果得到的回答是,目前並沒有職缺. 這讓人很疑惑,為何無職缺卻要刊登人才召募廣告呢?

    祝 事祺!

  9. Dear JW:

    I am very surprised to see you here. I always admired people who can find a quiet place and spend some quality time with themselves. That day, I saw you reading the book and jotting down the notes quietly. I just could not help to intrude you and congratulate you for the lifestyle you adopted for yourself.

    I also did this all the time in a few of my secret gardens in Taiwan. I enjoyed the quiet time to be friend with myself again.

    I also was suprised to see you reading Baudelaire’s work. I don’t know my about this book. ( I checked the Amazon and found out that this is a classic book on serious art criticism and appreciation. ) I also happened to notice your meticulous notes filled in the page. You must do a research on Baudelaire.

    Selfishness or unselfishness, I am so happy that I took the courage to greet you and welcome you to Nonzero. I also want to thank you to participate the conversation and inject a large dose of literature richness here.

    As I briefly reminded you that you also should share you learning from the great minds of Baudelaire and Oscar Wilde.

    It is my open “conspiracy” to create an engaging community that can gravitate great minds with various interests so we can learn together and stay together.

    Thank you, JW. If you don’t mind and have time, I want to know more about Baudelaire’s work and your take on him.

    Please share with me and all my dear friends here so we can have a breeze in our daily life.

    ”What is true about Art is true about Life.” -Oscar Wild-


  10. Dear Mr.Chu:

    It was a great pleasure to have a brief conversation with you this afternoon,which is my 3rd time visit in Nonzero. I truly worship the concept of Nonzero,and your ideas of sharing your life with others.

    When I was in Nonzero today,I was reading two books,which probably attracted your attention. One is called “De Profundis” by Oscar Wilde;and another one is “The painter of modern life and other essays” by Baudelaire. In a chapter called “The Soul of Man under Socialism,”Oscar Wilde wrote,”What is true about Art is true about Life.” I believe you’ve been making your great effort to achieve that:making your daily life become a form of Art. I’m also convinced that the most comfortable and intimate form of Art is definitely inspired by our daily lives.

    Oscar Wilde also wrote,”Selfishness is not living as one wishes to live,it is asking others to live as one wishes to live.And unselfishness is letting other people’s lives alone,not interfering with them.” From the articles you’ve posted in your webpages,I do also believe you entirely respect/appreciate various kinds of lifestyle,and hold great curiosity to understand people,share your love to the crowd. That’s also the spirit I admire wholeheartedly!

    Hope we could share more ideas of life,and perhaps to talk with you again in Nonzero soon!


    JianWen Chen

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