59 thoughts on “朱平在2012年第四屆華人教練年會演講”

  1. Dear David:

    Yes, I have been San Diego and love it. It is a beautiful city with beautiful beach and a thriving bio tech cluster.

    The new aging population is more affluent and more aware of their own needs now. All the baby boomers are into this demography. They will have new need and new industry will be created to cater these first ever affluent aging population.

    The real challenge for Taiwan’s aging society is the lack of new role model for aging creatively, productively and gracefully.

    We have stuck in the old notion of aging or retiring. ( play with grand children, do nothing or do anything with 養生 or retired in the countryside. )

    How many old people still go to fine beauty salon, dress smart and groom themselves properly as if they were still working and courting? ( I may open a beauty salon catering to affluent retiree. :-))

    I have read a great article from Monocle magazine. In that special issue, they consider it an ideal retiree community with many fine beauty salons and playhouse/theaters. I would like to see the new affluent aging population would be the biggest patron group for Taiwan’s performing art. Red Room is an ideal gathering place for aging/retiring people too. Old people, especially, need to live a creative and active life. Red Room is what they need to mingle with artistic and talented people, young and old.

    Now, you know why I don’t call aging or retiring but Third Life. Third Life means new beginning and new reseted life.

    Let’s be the change. ( sooner or later, we will all be in the Third Life. )


  2. The aging world :
    Per Business week / Bloomberg, Feb.11 2013 edition, 19% of Americans are 60 or older in 2012, will be 27% by 2050, Japan 32% in 2012 and will be 41% by 2050. There were about 810 Million in 2012 ( 1 out of 9 is 60 or older ) , grow to more than 2 Billion by 2050 (Old person will outnumber children, 14 or less, by then), There is no show Taiwan data in this report, but I believe the number is significant as well. This is the human resource that we can jointly develop.

  3. Dear Ping and Ming,
    Wish you all well in this new year transition time, I will fly back in the coming week and join ICF Taiwan folks for the new year to come. We all are excited.
    I like your idea of “3rd chapter”, yes indeed it’s the 3rd chapter in our life, this will be the most significant one, I have initiated a small interested group in ICF Taiwan to focus on this coaching, I have been trained in US for this subject as well.
    This is an aging era to come, we can assist them to live well with significance to our society, as a Day maker, Ripple maker, Life is beautiful, Cheer, Ping and Ming from Sunny San Diego.

  4. Dear Wendy:


    I am so glad to know that you are planning to take your 16 yo son to Red Room.

    It is part of my purpose to co-found Red Room. We want to create an English friendly space so we can learn things directly from the source and not need any gatekeeper to translate or filter info. Red Room will help you to leap from learning basic English to a true conversational English. You also can make so many interesting and brilliant people at Red Room.

    Hope to see you this coming Saturday, 1/15/2013 at Red Room. Please come up to me and introduce yourself to me.

    Thank you for your lovely comments here.

    Be the change,


  5. Dear Ping,

    我是5070公司的Wendy,很開心在第四屆華人教練年會聽到您的演講,(給了您一張名片,但是恰好您名片發完了)深切感受到您的幽默及無可救藥的樂觀,會後我一直記得12/15要到紅屋,始終沒找到網頁,直到今天又想到這事,也透過其他會員告知,才知道查red room,也帶著非常高興的心情寫信給您,也記得您笑著說您有不回信的權力,大家聽了放聲大笑,這些都記憶猶新!

    12/15我會帶著16歲的兒子到red room,雖然我的英文不慎理想,但是這不會成為我去red room的阻礙!


    Wendy Feng(封威蒂)

  6. Dear Ping:






    1. Dear Ryan:

      I am glad that Businessmaker, Daymaker, Ripplemaker made sense to you. Only when you are ready, we will connect.

      Businessmaker can make a difference in the business world so you can sustain yourself.
      Daymaker can help you find the authentic happiness through daymaking.
      Ripplemaker can help you to be the change so you can change the world through ripple effect.

      These three philosophies are in a positive re-enforcement loop. You need three to make a life complete.

      Keep in touch so our path can merge and become one in the future.

      Be the change,


  7. Dear 朱先生,

    我是Thomas, 六年後在教練領域再見到您, 真的是奇妙的經驗,好像把我六年來的軌跡都接在一起了,

    2008年, 學學文創還在籌備階段,我們三個小毛頭到了復興南路巷子裡的肯夢,
    我們要離開前, 您還說任何時候只要有需要,打電話來book我的時間,他們就會幫我寫在白板上,
    後來,每次在學學的碰面,您總是充滿熱情的為我們打氣, 要我們持續加油,

    你熱情地握著我的手說”make choices is a good choice”,

    在知道您會參與年會時, 我想起了這個畫面, 然後回顧了一下我這六年來的轉變,

    在這裡我要跟您回覆一下, 是的, 我現在十分相信這是個好選擇,
    現在的我, 是個教練, 也在作團隊引導, 對於自己的方向與未來也更加有把握,
    更開心的是, 我也越來越能夠享受當下的每個片刻了,

    再次聽您熱情的演說, 過去回憶的感動依然在心裡,不同的是,
    我可以大聲的告訴你, 我已經走在這條路上了,


    1. Dear Thomas:

      Wow, I am glad that our path has crossed again. I am sorry that I have no recall about the encounter we had when Xue Xue just launched six years ago. Xue Xue and Lilin is always on my mind.

      Coaching is a very rewarding profession when you can choose your coachee and clients. Please never compromise the criteria to choose your coachee and clients. If you had delighted and successful coachee or clients, they will become your referrer to refer those people who are ready for your coaching.

      Thank you for sharing such a heart warming story. I am especially happy to know that you had found your way and your calling.

      Let’s keep in touch and I am here to become your sounding board if you ever need it.

      Be the change,


  8. Hi, Ping

    A speech without powerpoint is so powerful and impressive. From the first question to coach society, “What’s the customer need”, to “You can not change anyone unless you change yourself”. It inspired me so much and encouraged me to change my life style and explore the world in 2013. Appreciate !!

    Tsumin Huang (黃秋敏)

    1. Dear Huang:

      I never like the powerpoint, unless you use Steve Job’s style with big fonts and strong visual. Powerpoint usually is for the speaker’s sake. It is a prompter for speaker to follow his flow or his talk, not necessarily only for audience note taking only. Now, it is a common practice to give all powerpoint file at the end of conference or post it on slideshare website.

      Powerpoint also take away the eye contact and the natural flow of the presentation. It is much difficult to give a talk without powerpoint actually. It will require your full attention and memorize all the talk points. I like it because it frees me from my preplanned rigid scripts. I like it because I don’t have to say same thing based on powerpoint on the same subjects.

      I am also too lazy to prepare a dazzling powerpoint to impress audience. I am who I am without any other artificial engagement. 🙂

      Yes, the easiest thing in the world is to change yourself, once you decided to change without other people’s pressure. The most difficult thing is to change others. This is why the best thing you can do for your friend is to change yourself, not to change your friend.

      2013 should be an exciting year because you are getting to know a new you. 🙂

      Be the change,


  9. Hi Ping
    Although you said that you are not a coach, I got the most inspiration and “a ha” moment from your talk. I am honor to sit in the audience! Thank you very much.

    Effie Pan 潘婉茹

    1. Dear Effie:

      I am also honored to be part of ICF’s annual meeting.
      Please continue our connection here at my blog. I will not promise you to return your every comments. However, I would love to know how you all are doing and feel that we are still connected here.

      Success not shared is a failure. Please share with me all the successful or not so successful life stories here.

      Thank you for your generous words.

      Be the change,


  10. 朱老師,您好!
    聽您一席話,讓我有想做好多事的衝勁,如果沒有記錯,似乎過了四十就將自己停在依老賣老的情境中,每天追著日子跑,忘記了許多重要的事和感覺。Day maker 打到我的心,我決定成為 Day maker 的跟隨者實踐者,謝謝您!
    Sunny (from 高雄,送書求字給老闆的Sunny)

    1. Dear Sunny:

      I was touched by your self revelation. It took courage to identify and share with us here.

      Actually, we all are kind of like you. We are the prisoners of the habit and routine. However, we are also the liberators of our own mind, once we are enlightened.

      Have you made someone’s day lately?

      Have you said thank you with smile and eye contact to the people just refill your tea at the restaurant? Please make a habit to thank people with eye contact and smile.

      Have you greet taxi driver with their last name and thank him to take where you want to go ” together “? Have you wished him a good day and safe driving?

      Daymaking is not a philosophy but a habit.

      It is never too late to have this ” other people matter ” habit.

      Be the change,


  11. 朱先生 您好,

    我剛捐款USD50.-給Kiva.org 對我來講這是最快的方法,實際也完成了幾年前知道有這個組織但一直沒有做的行動. Be the change. Yes, I will.

    祝福您, 志旭

    1. Dear 志旭:

      Thank you for becoming a Kiva Lender. I believe lots of people heard about this wonderful micro loan website. It was one of the best run crowd funding model. However, I also believe many people did not participate in Kiva. Knowing is not enough. Only through actually doing will you have the ownership and the intimate sense of belonging.

      Coaching is just like this. Please encourage your coachee to become a Kiva lender ( and ask them to join Nonzero Club at Kiva ) so they also can appreciate the good feeling of knowing himself of doing something good to the humanity.

      It is this bigger love that we want people to feel empowered.

      Thank you for being the change,



  12. Hi Ping,

    Ha Ha, I didn’t make it yesterday. Yet promise is promise, it’s never too late to take action, isn’t it?

    Just like to thank you for your insightful sharing, I finally identified what I’m really passionate about in my next move. Will share with you in details when we meet in RedRoom or Day Maker event in the future.

    Please pass my regards to Kelly, she blends the law with art beautifully. I shared her story with my kids, hoping they will have the courage to embrace the possibility of “contrast”in any decision making in their life journey.

    Cheers, Yi 劉懿

    1. Dear Yi Liu:

      It is OK. Red Room, http://www.redroom.com.tw, is held on every Third Saturday of the Month. The next one is on 1/19, this Saturday. Hope to see you then. By the way, all ICF members are welcome to Red Room so you can see what an engaged community with a common purpose is organized and built. Please come to me and introduce yourself to me while you attend Red Room.

      Kelly has left Taiwan and is back to the States now. She is really special. We all just love the way she is. She is authentic and talented. I will pass your love to her.

      Love to know your next move. Life is a journey and we only live once, right?

      Be the change,


  13. 朱先生 您好




    David Su (蘇若偉)

    1. Dear David:

      You’ve got it.

      It requires courage and wisdom to build a self sustained business with integrity and world class excellence.

      Only if you could do this, you can share your stories or help others to find their own calling so they can do the same.

      How to run a self sustained coaching business is what challenges all of you. The real question may be this: How to choose to live the life you want to without exclusively relying on coaching income?

      Once you figure it out. Coaching has become your way to help people to grow and fulfill your self actualization through others.

      It is tough. However, it is worthy of thinking and pondering.

      One last reminder: Businessmaker, Daymaker, Ripplemaker are the intricately related. Each one re-inforces the other two. You have to be a Daymaker and Ripplemaker in order to be a Businessmaker.

      Be the change,


  14. Dear Mr.Chu,

    Thanks for sharing your experience and your thinking for your lifestyle. It’s really impress me. It’s really help me to think about how to do something different in my life.

    1. Dear Tiffany:

      You all are special one of a kind.
      Thanks for listening with a quiet inside.

      Yes, I think you are the architect of your life. Please be a good coach and change your life based on your believe system and value system. Then, you can coach people with authenticity and fearlessness.

      Be the change,


    1. Dear Chris:

      I made a promise to myself that I want to answer each comments by you all, the members of ICF.

      You guys are walking your talks. As a coach, the skill to give constructive and brutal honest feedback is a must.

      Thank you all for giving me these feedbacks and comments.

      Truth will also always triumph and truth is within ourselves.

      Be the change,


  15. 朱平先生您好:




    1. Dear 生民:

      Thank you for the vote of confidence. It really made my day.

      Please thank David for connecting with you all. I am convinced that coaching is the way to change people by bringing out the best in them.

      All I can do is to change myself constantly by embarking new ventures and exploring new possibilities. I only can impact people when they are ready.

      One day, it would be your turn to ask the same question to yourself.

      If I live my life the right way, Karma will take care of itself. ( Randy Pausch )

      Be the change is still the best answer.


  16. Dear Ping,

    It’s such a privilege to have you with us at the ICF conference. I am so blessed to re-connect with you and learn more from you again. You are a great model and inspiration to me and I look forward to visit the Red Room soon.
    Thank you.


    1. Dear Annie:

      Thank you for your kind words. It really warms my heart.

      I think I saw you at one of the Red Room events. Yes, please spread the word on Red Room. If we are serious about Taiwan’s soft power, we need to reclaim our inner child in creativity. Poetry reading or any kind of performing arts is the way to rekindle our creative energy.

      Red Room is definitely a good fit with ICF since any coach has to learn how to tap into their own creativity before they can coach others.

      See you at Red Room, http://www.redroom.com.tw


  17. Dear Ping,
    I learned a lot from you since we met in the first time, you showed us ( Kyle and myself) around what you did and shared your spirit behind before we talked,
    I have adapted your spirits in the conference“ Connect, Learn, Inspire and be the Change”, It will be embedded in my heart as well.
    I also like to thank you for reading through my book (翻滾吧,MIT 人才)before you are on the stage, you have no PPT but did a lot of homework, thank you,
    David Dan ( 陳朝益)

    1. Dear David:

      First, I want to congratulate you for founding this special organization so people who are aspiring to be a coach could connect, share and grow.

      Coaching is a young profession in Taiwan. Personally, I recommend every leader should have a coach so they can have a sounding board and not feel lonely when making critical decisions.

      I told Ming to explore the possibility to coach entrepreneurs in the small business. This is the weakest link, however, with the major impact. If one entrepreneur embrace coaching, the entire company can be easily adopting coaching as part of their company’s DNA.

      However, it takes an entrepreneur to coach an entrepreneur. The corporate background will not help too much if you want to become a coach for entrepreneur. All true entrepreneurs think different and act different. 🙂

      Please keep writing books and sharing your wisdom to your members.

      Be the change,


      1. Thanks, Ping.
        These are the 6 coaching applications that ICF Taiwan working on in 2013:
        1. Corp. executive & organizational change coaching,
        2. Small & medium enterprise executive coaching. (Different model)
        3. Service application coaching,
        4. Parenting & relationship coaching,
        5. Youth coaching,
        6. 3rd chapter of life transformation coaching.

        We all feel passionate in this profession. Thanks for sharing with us your fires as well, a Day maker, a Ripple maker, be the change.
        God bless,
        David Dan, 1/15/2013.

      2. Dear David:

        Happy 2013 Chinese New Year to you and ICF members.

        This 2013 year of Snake is meant for steady progress and attention to detail. Focus and discipline will be necessary for all of us to achieve what we set out to create.

        Focus is the key word here. I would like to remind you that Businessmaker is what make us independent and stay true to our belief system and value system. I would recommend you to focus on how to help your ICF members to build up their coaching business so they can make a decent living first. Otherwise, the illusion of launching a coaching business is detrimental to a lot of competent people who gave up a promising and could be a fulfilling career to the illusive coaching as a profession. Let’s face it, not many people who can make a good and sustainable living through coaching as a business.

        I have been in the path to enter my 3rd chapter of my life. I called this transformation: Third Life.

        Third Life is the last leg in our life to figure out a way to give more than to receive. Most importantly, the inconvenient truth is not to become society or anyone’s burden, especially to your spouse and children.

        Physical and spiritual fitness should be the central part of anyone’s Third Life.

        I do think we all need a coach on this new “reset” life.

        Action expresses priority,


  18. 朱教練您好,



    1. Dear Steven:

      I am not a coach. Actually, I am a bad coach. Coach needs special quality and a discipline. Not everyone could be coach even everyone thought they could be coach.

      This is why Coach is a special profession with special skills and disciplines.

      Jia Yu,


  19. Dear Ping,

    今天聽了您的演講,收穫良多!終於了解生意人 悅日人與漣漪人三個角色間如何生生不息
    1, change people, change yourself , then 漣漪就發生了
    2. 用好奇來面對不確定




    1. Dear Edward:

      You are absolutely right. Don’t change people, just change yourself and make yourself as the center of the ripple. This is how ripple starts.

      Businessmaker, Daymaker, Ripplemaker is actually part of a positive reinforcement loop.

      You already surrounded yourself with many positive mindset people.

      Please learn how to ask for help. This is how coach does.

      Be the change,


  20. Dear 朱平教練,

    You make my day, thank you.


    1. Dear 素琴:

      When student is ready, teacher will show up.

      I think you are ready. 🙂

      Yes, embrace fear of uncertainty with curiosity.

      Let’s feel the fear and do it anyway.

      Be the change,


    1. Dear 正德Jerry:

      Great! If you like what you read, please buy my book to your friends whom you think they are ready. By buying my book, you help me to fund the Ripplemaker Foundation so we can help more young entrepreneurs to realize their dream.

      Happy reading.


      Please do the best you can for all the home assignments on the book.

  21. Dear 朱平教練,
    第一次 2008/2 學學文創 朱平師塾,
    第二次 2012/6 Red Room
    第三次 2012/12/02 ICFT be the Change
    我願意 ,我是那生意人、悅日人、漣漪人,
    我的工作,生活將有 我的 Life Style,
    我的2013。。。。。直到 my bucket list ending,
    王文足 《知行合一》

    1. Dear 文足:

      Wow, our path did cross several times.

      I still have a special place in my heart for all the students who came to my 師塾 at Xue Xue. You all are special one who was willing to take risk and come to my 師塾. 🙂

      Please come to Red Room at 12/15. It is going to be a great one to celebrate X’mas. Please connect with me through monthly Red Room. We can make a new reality in our life through Red Room. Happiness is a choice.

      Red Room is also a lifestyle statement. I invite all ICFT friends to Red Room so you will know what I want to do in Taiwan.



      1. Dear 朱平教練,

        當她提到她有個念頭 - 希望讓 Senior 講師 能與 Junior 講師能傳承與連結,

        只是當她提起這個想法時,我第一個就想到您,就想到您的 Red Room,

        渴望美好的事 ~~~ 成就在每個念頭的起源,實現在具體而微的行動中 ~~~

        5/18 返回上海。

  22. Dear Ping

    You make my day!

    Be the change maker before change the world!



    1. Dear 秀娟:

      Thank you for the diary. It is a lovely and surprise gift.

      We all need a Red Shoe. Red Shoe is a metaphor that we challenge our old mode and prepare for something wild and creative.

      Let’s be wild and silly sometime. This is to show the world our vulnerability and vanity.

      Yesterday I was clever
      So I wanted to change the world.

      Today I am wise
      So I am changing myself.

      By Rumi


  23. 朱先生,
    已經好久好久沒有像今天這樣感動過了 !!

    It did inspire me !

    賴恆毅 (向你求一個字的年輕人)

    1. Dear James:

      “Change” 變 is the word I gave to you.
      To be a better person everyday will not be achieved if you don’t change.

      Coaching, in many ways, is to show coachee that ” change ” is not bad and sometime, the only way to grow himself/herself.

      Thank you for your kind words. I need it.

      Your comments here has inspired me to do more too.

      Be the change,


  24. 朱平先生:

    謝謝你的演講,讓我深受感動, 透過您的提醒,讓我注意到身為一位教練,需要先活出自己的Life Style,自己先過得開心,喜歡自己的生活, 然後才能去影響他人. 您也提到, 影響他人是透過自己如何做, 而非如何說, 這也是讓我很欽佩您的部分, 因為今天您所提到的, 也有看到您已經都在做了.

    今天在回家的路上, 看到在雨中表演的殘疾藝人, 有用行動支持他們, 他們看起來很開心,我也很開心.
    I am a day marker Today. ^_^

    1. Dear Peggy:

      By being presence here, you made my day already. 🙂

      Yes, you got my point in my sharing: You need to change yourself first. For example, by changing your hairstyle, you will send a strong nonverbal message to your coachee that you are also receptive to a new you all the time. By changing your fashion statement, you also show your coachee that first impression is integrated with how you project yourself as a self image.

      Don’t ever underestimate the power of vanity. Your lifestyle sometime is the best way to attract the right coachee who aspires to change their self image or lifestyle.

      Aesthetic sensibility will be more important in the future. Our young generation is used to personal fashion statement by the fast fashion and global fashion trend.

      Be the change,


      Be the change,


  25. 朱平先生
    很高興您能來擔任我們ICFT 2012的主講貴賓


    1. Dear Kyle:

      Thank you for your keen observation. A good coach has to be a good observer with sensitive mind and heart.

      It is my honor to be associated with ICFTaiwan. We know deep in our heart that Taiwan needs to cultivate and nurture a coaching culture so we can leverage our strength: kindness and hospitality to strangers.

      Be the change,


  26. Dear Ping,

    Thanks for made me a day. Through your speech, inspire me that coach need a coach to experience the coaching journey. Coach have to pay responsibility on “Coach” matter .

    Hope have a connection with you soon.

    Best regards,


    1. Dear Sarah:

      It is never too late to connect with you through ICFTaiwan.

      Yes, we all need coach. Even a brilliant coach still need a coach so he is still accountable for his own behavior. To be a coachee ( client ) is a way to keep yourself humble and a permission to be vulnerable and most importantly, to be human.

      The day we feel we are omnipotent and we know-all is the day we fail to be a coach.

      Be the change,


  27. Dear Ping,

    Thanks for your coming. You make my day. It’s so inspiring and insightful. Yes, to love is to take the risk. Totally agree! Let’s reconnect it someday.

    Thanks and good night.


    1. Dear Chrissie:

      Feel the risk and do it anyway.

      Our path will definitely crossed since we are on the same path.
      Thank you and David to show us the leadership to organize an event like this.

      Be the change,


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