朱平專訪台灣創業人的天使 David Dupouy

我一直認為台灣經濟的成長跟創新事業有密切的關係,而start up又跟台灣有無足夠的創業人分不開。當年輕人都往安全、即時、利的方向走時,就代表台灣已遠離創業精神。我決心要讓更多年輕人擁抱不確定,從愛您所做到做您所愛,創造一個有更高目的的新人生價值。

我和David一見如故,尤其是看著他在台灣獨自建立起一個的聚落(Founder Squad)。許多人認為台灣創業人因為保守與競爭,很難建立一個以互信、無私、助人、讓人比自己更好、秉持積極正面心態的組織。David 再一次證明了一件事:

If you build it, they will come.

很抱歉,以下的專訪影片並沒有附上中文字幕,完整的中文翻譯請見七月號PPAPER BUSINESS雜誌的朱平專欄。我鼓勵大家去買來看,以行動支持好雜誌。

企業創辦人之特種部隊 : http://squad.tw/

3 thoughts on “PPAPER BUSINESS:台灣需要更多的創業精神”

  1. Thank you, David, for the cross marketing and cross reference.

    Like this interview, I would wholeheartedly recommend my readers to visit David’s blog and Squad Network.


  2. Hello
    Mr. Chu,
    Before I ask my question I gotta say, “Seriously, your name looks so familiar til I realized the similarity in our name.” Sometimes, it’s fun to find out the connection between each other, isn’t it? 🙂

    It’s interesting to watch through this video since David pointed out that happiness cohere with passion, skill and demand. I pretty much believe so as well. As a human-being, reality is always with us. Since then, all we can do the best is intergrated business and life which you mentioned before. Besides it, you also point out the three main weaknesses in our culture are organized, focus and having a bigger picture. In my opinion, it’s all because money is a big issue here in our culture. People are thirsty to money cause the unsatisfaction in life. Therefore, unsatisfaction makes blurs. Through my limited understanding of satisfaction, it starts on comparison til you realize there is nothing to compare with. In my case, I was unsatifiied with being a Taiwanese til I went abroad and realized how awesome we are. Moreover, it easily misdirect people to compared with Wonderland if we don’t really have a compared object. Thus, I believe an oversea experience will lead us to happiness or being a better entrepreneur. Somehow, it’s almost impossible to give everyone an exact oversea experience, but a story-sharing or convincement just sounds too shallow to change people. Meanwhile, I’d like to think that what if we are kids and start from sensations. …Well, I don’t know..I am not sure whether it makes sense or not since lots of friends think I am way too much on my daydreaming. Are you actually being happier for who you are right now? Is there an exact target in your mission? When do you think it’ll reach your satisfaction?
    That’s it. Thank you for attention. 🙂

    1. Dear ChuPing: 🙂 I am actually calling my own name.

      “Therefore, dissatisfaction makes blurs.”

      This is a powerful statement.

      Thank you for spending 40 minutes watching this interview. I really have no idea if anyone will watch an English interview for 40 minutes. ( I do provide the entire Chinese translation on PPaper Business July and the coming August issue next week. )

      I agree with everything you said here. I also think most of readers on this blog would agree with you too.

      Now, the big question is what we are going to do about this Blur.

      I really have no answers either, except, I am trying to be the change I want to see to myself, not the world. 🙂

      I am really lucky that I launched my business with a clear intention: not to get big fast with an exit strategy, but just to live a life I choose to. A life that puts time and autonomy as top priority. I did have many trade offs with this life philosophy. I also accepted these trade offs and am accountable for all my decisions. I am not proud of myself in many things that I could have managed well. However, I have no regrets or what if.

      One thing I do know is that my life should constantly engaged with creation. Making things happened is a very important part of my mission in life.

      As you read my book, you know I have mentally ended my productive life when I am 80 yo. I only have 6174 days before I can be of use to anyone or society. This put you into a different perspective in life.

      Death is the best invention in life and the greatest equalizer in life ( Steve Jobs quote ). We all died and nothing matters. It is not a fatalist view, to me. It is a reminder that forces you to focus what matters. Other people matters.
      This is why Daymaking and positive energy is important before we all leave our bodies one day.

      Yes, I am happier for who I am now. Thank you for asking ” Happier ” not just ” Happy “. Life, like everything on earth, is a relative concept. It is not how happy you are, but, how happier you are. We all can be happier if we accept our state of mind and situation.

      I also totally agree with you that all young people if they could go to abroad and learn how to live independently and embrace all uncertainties when they are alone in a foreign land. I am worry about Taiwan’s youths that stop venturing abroad and seek comfort and certainty. Studying, working, living abroad have made who I am now. We need these dots to connect our life with a full circle.

      Please continue our sharing and we must meet one day. 🙂



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