真正能夠讓『肯夢學院』不同的是因為我們先建立了一個完全不同的美髮設計師生活及工作的新可能。肯夢的9家Salon (Third Place, Dream Place, Green Cherry, Northstar) 都是:


  1. 每個月有8天休息,有勞基法所給予的產假、病假、休假、退休、勞保。能擁有生活與工作合一後的快樂,唯有讓生活更豐富,才能有更多的創意。時間,健康與快樂才是真正最珍貴的資產。如果能取消不信任的抽成制度,美髮設計師?對是21世紀的新興快樂創意工作。
  2. 經過資誠會計事務所的簽證後的財務公開,透明。誠實納稅成為一個有社會責任的小生意。
  3. 肯夢Salon沒有抽成,但有20%利潤分享。許多美髮設計師只想到自己的生產力,忘記需其他同事的努力才能讓他做更好的服務。唯有利潤分享才能讓Salon永續,而不是僅用抽成?勵設計師。




20 thoughts on “嚴長壽:教育應該不一樣”

  1. Dear 育典:

    I have no idea about what your vocational school is. However, since you decided to continue your learning by seeking a University degree, apparently, you waste your vocational school education.

    This is the problem in Taiwan. There are way too many people who still want to get into University system and not to follow their passion or their vocational school training.

    It is still never too late to switch to a vocational school that matches your strengths and your interest. However, I think you will face lots of pressure both from your parents and the society’s value.

    University degree will not get you too far in the current job market and the shift in society’s value. The work that requires hands on skills will in big demand. If you are really good at working with your hands, you will also get bigger satisfaction than working on shifting money around or sitting in front of computer screen.

    It is always a big asset if you like to use your hands to create something. Unfortunately, it is considered a manual labor in Chinese traditional Culture. Again, it is my conviction that the biggest resistance is still coming from parents. All parents want their kids to work at office and use brain, not at field and use hands.

    You are the lucky few who start to think what you are going to do with your life. I can only recommend you to read more books from 嚴長壽先生 and be inspired by his wisdom. You just need to engage more with things that you are passionate with or simply enrich your life experience by being there all the time.

    As Randy Pausch told us: If you lead your life the right way, the dream will come to you.

    Be the change,


  2. 朱先生 你好
    我在上禮拜的某一天 突然看到這文章的標題後
    我馬上找了學校圖書館 把這本書借回來看
    直到今天 我看完了
    嚴先生所提到的 真的都是現在的問題所在
    我感同身受 雖然我不確定我有多大的能耐可以改變它
    不過 我就從影響我同學開始
    能夠讓多一個同學去看清 或許我就可以多個同伴
    不過 說真的 我讀到現在
    從高職到現在科大二年級 快要五年的時間裡
    我真的不知道我學了什麼 到底讀大學的意義何在?
    但我就是因為沒有想法 所以一直盲目的讀書
    真希望 我可以快點找到我的目標及passion 🙂
    感謝朱先生看過 說聲”謝謝您”~

  3. Dear Mick:

    You are absolutely right that our society has dictated the meaning of success. However, I still think parents have the power to influence their kids only if they walk their talk.

    This is why we need to start from ourselves and vow not to put this pressure of being successful into our own children.

    Be the change we want to see in the future.


    嚴先生 is our true hero. I am just his followers.

  4. 家庭的壓力,往往讓年輕人只追尋過去成功的模式。

  5. Dear Sky:

    Thank you for taking time to encourage me.

    I definitely need embrace so I know what I am doing will have some ripple effect.

    This is my selfish gene to find a way to match my desire to reach out to the people who are ready to take me as their friends.

    Thank you for being my daymaker.


  6. Dear Welling:

    嚴長壽先生 is my hero. I have the privilege to becoming his good friend in Dulan, Taitung. Every time, I talked to him, I felt we, in Taiwan, are so lucky to have 嚴長壽先生 as our torch light to steward us to be unreasonable and liberate our God given talent. He is devoting his life to educate the underprivileged kids. I am his ardent follower.

    You can be 嚴長壽先生 too. Nail care should have a proper school to raise the conscious level of being a nail artist. To have a nail service could be an emotional experience too. We all remember the time that our mother was the one cutting our hair when we were little. It is kind of pampering out of unconditional love that make us feel vulnerable and being needed.

    I used to challenge man in Taiwan to have a nail service. Life is a collection of experience too. Nail care has nothing to do with metro sexual or being vanity. Nail care is only a way you take good care of yourself and making friends with Nail artists. Of course, after you experience once, you can decide if you want to make it part of your lifestyle.

    I challenge all men readers of this blog to book a nail care service and share it with us. 🙂

    Thank you for your kind words about Canmeng Aveda’s salon service. As you must notice that people can service from their heart even they are not paid by commission. Money should not be the pre-requisit issue to have a priceless service experience. Commission system is a lazy system for the owner. They just use the lowest denominator ( greedy, insecurity, self interest, survival instinct, fear, ego…) to drive people work harder. Again, it is an upstream battle. Most of young worker simply did not have a chance to experience the trust based reward system.

    Again, I am not saying commission system is bad. It is just not fit into my personal belief system. This is why we need more people who want to have their hair/nail service at a non-commissioned salon or nail studio.

    It is my biggest job to remind general public that they can change the society’s value system through their own responsible and ethical consumerism.

    Canmeng is too small in nail care business that we really don’t know if we have the best practice in education of a nail artist. However, you are welcome to contact Winnie at Canmeng and share with her what is in your mind.

    We vote with what we buy,


  7. Dear Freda:

    Finger crossed, I think we can publish this book around August. I finally made the decision to have a clean book cover.

    I will save one book for you, but you still need to buy two to give out to your kids. 🙂 I wrote this book with an intention to inspire young people to take the road less travelled.

    I need to sell more books to finance my PFP Business through Ripplemaker Foundation. I do have a few ideas on how to help more entrepreneur realizing their dreams.

    Love you,


  8. Dear Nelson:

    You made my day. I want you to know you have given me more positive energy on this project.

    The publishing date has been postponed because I could not decide the book cover design.

    I hate to use my picture as book cover. I distaste the current book cover design. To make matter worse, I don’t know what I want. I just know what I don’t want. This has put lots of pressure on the book design artist. This is what had been stalled and stuck. It is my own fault, no one should be blamed.

    Well, I have a good meeting with book cover designer today. I hope they will come up with a new approach to book cover design.

    Thank you for sharing my writing with your girl friend in Beijing. It is a good way to stay together when you grow together. 🙂

    I will rely on people like you to spread the word. I will donate a portion of the profit to Ripplemaker Foundation. The more people buying my book, the more financing goes to Ripplemaker Foundation.

    Actually, this is one of the reasons that I decided to collate my column at PPaper Business in a book form. This is part of the experiment to build a PFP ( Profit for Purpose ) Business model. ( Please check this blog to find what PFP Business is. )

    The target publishing date is around the end of July or early August.

    Thank you, Nelson dear.


  9. Dear Mr. Chu


  10. Dear Anna:

    The best way is to buy 嚴長壽’s book to someone who you think they would be benefit from 嚴長壽’s book.

    This someone is all the parents in Taiwan.

    I think the core challenge is the mother and father’s expectation of their children. If we continue this vicious cycle of generation of parent’s narrowed and limited thinking about the future of their children, we will continue to have this dysfunctional educational system.

    Parents, be aware, you are the problem, not the government.


    1. Dear Mr.Chu:
      Thanks for your reply for my message.
      I think I will take this book to my parents when I back to my home in June.I really hope them can read this book and change the way of education to my young sister,because I hope my sister can do the thing as she likes.
      I really hope we can change this situation of education,because I follow my parents’ expectation when I was a child, but now I’m so happy to decide my way of future,I really appreciate for my parents to respect my choice of my life.
      My father and mother is not bad,if they can change more,I think they will be better.

  11. Dear Welling:

    The low entry barrier of nail care business is part of the reasons that you have such a dysfunctional industry. Like most commission based business, nail care business is also an low loyalty, only self-interest driven cash cow business.

    Let’s face it. We cannot change the entire industry. All we can do is to be the change and set a new option and new possibility.

    Ultimately, it is the consumer behavior that will determine if we can sustain a more abundant and holistic business. Without people like you to support Canmeng, we simply cannot sustain our goal with higher purpose.

    This is why I want to change ” commission based ” reward system through recruiting a new generation of hairstylist at Canmeng Institute. Again, it is an upstream battle. The fear of insecurity and the wealth chasing is our current society’s value system. It is difficult to enlighten our young generation with a new life value and purpose.

    As a consumer, please support those salons that pay tax and encourage non-commission system. You can ask for invoice and be a daymaker to hairstylists by knowing more than one hairstylists so you don’t become a hostage of one hairstylist. You will have a fresh look by different hairstylist’s talent and interpretation. It is this abundant life philosophy that you will live a happy life. You should not be anyone’s hostage. You are free only if you take risk of being a Daymaker to many hairstylists in your favorite salon.

    Only through the enlightened consumers, we can have a better world.

    We vote with what we buy.

    Be the change,


    1. Dear Ping:

      Thanks for reply me a long words.

      Yes, I know I’m in a dysfunctional industry. We also Know we can’t change the entire industry.

      We can do it create a new rules and find the people who think the same way.

      Urania may not have such a great asset like Canmeng. But the faith will drive us to a better world.

      Sorry use such a poor English. Thanks for your advise.

      Best regard,


      1. Dear Welling:

        A dysfunctional industry is the best place to be, if you are determined to reinvent this industry.

        If I want to start any business, I just love to find an industry that is dysfunctional. There are too many old guards or establishment simply don’t want to change to protect their own interests.

        Again, this will require a fearless mindset with a long term commitment.

        Be the change,


        Please don’t mind about your English. English is the easiest language in the world. All you need to do is to use it more often. My English is not so good either.

      2. Dear Ping:

        In AVEDA service include “NAILS” part.
        I’m so curious to know how to train the nail service personnels.

        Like you said, I’m in dysfunctional industry.How can you find the person think the same way like you?

        I went to Canmeng Institute to cut my hair. I wanted to feel why some people wantto send a lot of money to cut hair.

        After I went, I knew. We spent money no only to cut hair but also feel the experience.

        So comfortable place, the AVEDA products smell great.
        That’s “we vote with what we buy”.

        Now we want to change the industry, we think we should star from Institute. I hope to listen some advice from you.

        Thanks you for share so many things to us.

        we are changing


  12. 很高興看到嚴長壽先生這本書的誕生,也希望大家在看過這本書之後從現在開始一起努力,讓台灣的教育和下一代能夠更好。

  13. 我們是從事美甲業,台灣的美甲業因為惡性的競爭造成產業的封閉。



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