2 thoughts on “悅日人David Wagner x 朱平對話 (3/26)”

  1. Dear Bear:

    Actually, your dream is happening.

    Please visit



    or watching some videos:


    You will see that Canmeng Institute quietly has become the change we want to see in Taiwan’s salon industry.

    Now, we have many people who decided to live a life of their choose. Normally, they have no way to becoming hairstylists because they just want to have a second career. Canmeng Institute provides this opportunity, not just become a hairstylist, but also become a lifestylist who can choose to work at Canmeng’s non-commissioned working environment or pursuit their own dream after graduation.

    The only reason we launched Canmeng Institute is to find a way to recruit different pool of people into this profession. We have college graduates, bank clerk, engineer, baker, fashion designer, retailer, window dresser, nurse, finance clerk, wedding secretary and male model who decide to live a life of their choice. Their mindset is a little bit different from the hairstylists trained through traditional apprenticeship program. These people will inject a rich life experience into salon business.

    Canmeng has changed the commission based paid in Taiwan’s salon industry to merit based salary with 20% profit sharing so we can offer an alternative to the current fear based salon culture.

    It is this fear based culture that limit hair salon’s sustainable growth. I never like commission based paid reward system. It is an insult of people’s integrity. It forces people to think only themselves without seeing the big picture. How can an industry grow with a cash cow mentality? How can you earn respect if all you want is to make as much money as you can without thinking about the other higher social purpose, for example: paying full tax.

    We cannot earn the respect unless we become a responsible citizen with quality life.

    Please focus on what you can do to change yourself. We can never change other people, nor this profession.

    Be the change is the only way.


  2. 我是一個美髮人我希望所有的美髮人都能明白自己的價值

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