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我2007年開始在台灣大力介紹Monocle 雜誌。很高興看到越來越多人閱讀Monocle. 我喜歡它的原因是這本雜誌不僅是設計,文化,創意,旅遊,時尚,它更是一本有關生意與國際觀啟發的智慧雜誌。Monocle is not just a magazine, Monocle is a brilliant business platform to launch all kinds of creative ventures. Tyler Brule is a visionary leader to re-invent the publishing industry.


Time for Taiwan

The heart of Asia

3 thoughts on “Hot off the press!”

  1. Dear Anna:

    Your English is fine. I would be the first one to admit that my English is not good either. However, I don’t care about people’s criticism as long as I write with passion and authenticity.

    By visiting this blog and learn to use English as much as possible, you are learning English already.

    I also write simple words as you can tell.

    You are right that we are very lucky to have such a great team at Nonzero.

    Thank you for voting with what you buy.


  2. Dear Mr.Chu:
    Today I went to NONZERO restaurant to eat brunch,NONZERO’s staff take this magazine to me, I tried to read it, it’s a good magazine, I think I will to find the magazine of this month,by the way,NONZERO’s staff is very kind,Thanks for your service.
    P.S. My English is not very well,but I tried to use simple words to write this message,I think I should to study English very hard.

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