7 thoughts on “Nonzero非零餐廳在6/6-6/23裝修期間會暫停營業”

  1. Dear Freda:

    As you know me, I am not good for grand opening and promotional stuff. We stop doing any grand opening for all our new outlets. We did not even do anything on our newest concept Aveda lifestyle salon and store at Taipei 101. It is a place for bookworm. 🙂 We put a library shelves on the top of the retail shelf in the store. We are still tinkering with this concept. It is a work in progress concept.

    I do want to host a party for all the remodeling workers though. They worked in different stages for the remodeling. Carpenters, masonry, electrician and landscape artist never have a chance to see their finish work. I will invite them and hopefully their family to Nonzero so they can see their team work has transformed a beautiful projects. They are the real heroes for Nonzero’s ambiance and design.

    Thanks for the suggestion. Nonzero restaurant is a place that will grow on you when you are ready for this kind of food and concept of living.

    Most of people in Taiwan are not so ready for this concept yet. However, someone has to start some where. I cannot see if Taipei is a city with all you can eat and night market food for tourists from Hong Kong and China.

    We do have the capacity to create a eating place that has a character and personal style.

    I know I am the loner in this regards. However, I got more and more foreign friends who came to me and thank me for providing an eating place like Nonzero.

    Nonzero is still not making any money yet, after 3 years operation. I told my friends that Nonzero could be the only one restaurant that operates with transparent finance and books audited by PriceWaterHouseCooper accounting firm.

    I believe in that people will vote with what they buy when they are ready.



  2. will you do a reopen ceremony, a Red Room style with wine/cheese celebration? romantic and tranquil. that will be fun. i am happy for you.

  3. Non Zero is part of my life. I can’t wait for it to reopen!! I passed by last week without luck.. I am so glad that it will be reopened end June!!

  4. Dear Freda:

    The exterior wall and outdoor deck are rotten out. I just could not stand to see this kind of shabby workmanship.

    We also want to do a better insulation so we can reduce our carbon emmission from over working of our air conditioner.

    I know it will lose some of our character when we remodel the exterior wall. It is a trade off when we want to make Nonzero a greener design.

    Thank you for your interest.


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