Camino <卡蜜諾>

Searched Opus Dei on wikipedia after watching this movie. I need to know more about Opus Dei before I could completely understand what this movie is about.

I don’t think this movie is anti anything. The real intention for the director is to present a story ( true or not true ) about how an innocent and an imaginative girl’s intuitive reaction to the adult world. Adults interpret things in ways that match their beliefs. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we can live in a wold like Camino’s, with innocence and real human reaction without any dogmatic manipulation from outside world. I am more than ever convinced that we all choose our own religion and should respect every religion with no prejudice.

I love you, Camino, the eyes, the smiles, the hair and the youthful vitality.

Always love a movie that can stimulate discussion. For this reason, I highly recommend it for people who are ready for an intense movie. Do remember to check your prejudice at the door so you can keep an open mind.

2 thoughts on “Camino <卡蜜諾>”

  1. Dear Lily:

    Actually, I really like what your daughter said to you. She is authentic to her value and her way of seeing things. After all, their western education is very individual oriented and straight forward.

    My mother sometime also has problem to adjust this situation when my daughter answer the question with a straight answer from her true feeling. This true feeling does not dampen any love she has for her grandma.

    I believe Connie’s answer will also reduce any love she has for you. It is just a honest and fact.

    Of course, with Chinese culture, we love to have a well understanding daugher who always put our feeling about her own. I never like this side of Chinese culture. It creates so much pain and guilt when you cannot honest show your feeling with no negative intention.

    Thank you for sharing your story.


  2. 親愛的朱平先生



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