31 thoughts on “實踐理想,多做自己怕的事”

  1. 朱先生:
    sorry ,請問我可以在那兒閱讀到—實踐理想,多做自己怕的事–的演講稿,因為在網路上真的不容易全程聽完演講,雖然我真的很想聽全程的演講。

  2. 朱先生好:
    我在9月20日前往高雄大遠百領了我的生日禮物,並且買了今年的生日禮物。我只想和您說謝謝! 這是一份特別的生日禮物。

  3. Dear PiPi with GR-Digital II:


    Now, I remember you. The GR-Digital II is a fine digital camera. I am impressed that you choose this camera, instead of the more popular model. This is why I remember you. 🙂

    When student is ready, teacher will show up.

    I am glad that you are visiting my blog now. Please be friend with English and English will be your friend too. 🙂

    It is never too late to learn English. After all, English alphabet has only 26 letters.

    Thank you for your kind words.


  4. Dear:朱先生
    而在之後的肯邦薪傳20和剛結束不久的cesar in Kenting
    我會向我周遭的frinends recommened your blog
    PIPI with GR-Digital II

  5. Dear 郑哲:

    How surprise and happy to see you here.

    Please don’t be afraid of my English writing. I can only write the junior high school English. Again, it is never too late to learn English.

    Thank you for your faith in me and Cantrust in Shanghai. I know Mr. Chiang, Jenny and Zeni for almost 20 years. I know they are people with highest integrity. It takes courage to trust people. I think this is what China needs now. No one can trust anyone anymore. Let’s rebuild the trust in China from changing our selves first. Willing to take risk, instead of doing nothing, is a new mindset we need to learn. I am very proud of Canmeng and Canbran. Now, you should be proud of Cantrust in Shanghai too.

    I switch the web host so my friends in China can also connect with me. I am happy that you find out this site. Now, you can spread the words, join the conversation and grow together.

    Please send my love to your team.

    Be the change,


    Please share the story of 101只猴子的故事 with my friends here.

  6. 朱先生:

  7. Dear 小貞:

    I have fear all the time. However, I learn how to deal with the fear. I feel the feal and do it anyway. Taking action is the best thing to deal with fear.

    Future is hope. Future is not something we should be afraid. Future is now.

    Again, it is not what you like to do, it is like what you do. You should find the things that you meet your strength first.

    There is no lose in our life. We always learn something from our life. The important thing is to face it and do something about it.

    I am still learning. Now, you see, I am just like you. Life is a never ending journey to know yourself.



  8. 朱先生,您好:

  9. Dear Daphne:

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  10. 朱先生您好:
    雖然他們還不是很了解ripplecard,但相信他們已經稍稍感染了這份漣漪的力量!!每個月我最期待的一件事就是收到肯夢的純淨電子 報,然後迫不及待的看朱先生的專欄-“朱先生分享”~您的文字是如此平易近人卻又有很深的感染力!!我想這也是許多讀者的心聲!!
    朱先生謝謝您的邀請,因為我不住在台北,我住在天氣晴朗的高雄^^,所以有機會我一定會去看看老朋友!!以前出差到台北時我都會去third place找找老朋友!!謝謝您慷慨的邀請!!

  11. Dear Artpeace:

    I also love ONENESS.

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  12. Dear Daphne:

    Thank you for the kind words. It means a lot to me.

    I think you are on your way to become an assertive and happy person. Please visit http://www.ripplecards.com and learn more. I think you also can post questions and my partner at RippleCards will answer your questions. One of the important elements in a positive life is to know when to ask for help.
    Thank you for being a champion for Canmeng Aveda. Please do your best to help your company to grow. You should also make some best friends in your current work. Please come to visit us at Green Cherry Office. We all miss you.


  13. 「我不想因為害怕,就拒絕學習」-小樂-

    Dear 小樂:

    I like this phrase too. You should coin the word and use it whenever it is possible.

    Sales is the most noble profession in the world. We are all in sales. Most of the CEO in the company are started as a salesman in different capacity. Teacher is a salesman. President Ma is a salesman. Mr. Chu is a super salesman. 🙂 We are all in sales. I also cannot work at the office alk the time and is chained by the computer screen. People are different. Your mom loves you. This is the fact that you should never shrug off. Actually, I believe insurance is one of the most noble business. You are giving people a peace of mind and learning how to protect their love one. Insurance is also a very sophisticated business with lots of professional knowledge. If I can start it over, insurance will be one of my business.

    All good insurance agent is a daymaker.

    Just do it.


  14. Dear Never Giveup:

    Your words full of wisdom. I think you are a very special soul.

    “其實人與人之間的距離,都是『自己』所造成的,如果你希望他人能夠友善的對待你,那你必須要先跨出自己的舒適圈,勇敢say hi!” -Never Giveup-

    Why don’t you say hi to 金津, 若瑩, Aaron, Al, Daphne, Smell good, 小樂 and Artpeace first. I think you can do this. Then, we start a positive spiral. We can make each other day by simply visit this site and share our daymaking experience and life story.

  15. Dear 若瑩:
    當我開始面對我所害怕的事情,這事情就不再讓我害怕了. It is so good. Please do not be afraid to read my English. I can only write the simple English anyway.
    Yes, when you participate the dialogue and make your voice heard, you made this blog alive. I always believe that the blog is built by you and all visitors, not by me. You can ask questions or say hi to other visitors. I think you all have a lot in common. You should get to know each other better throuhg this medium. Thank you for your comment.


  16. Dear 金津: We all strive to find the purpose in our life. I think you have found it. Your life will never be same again once you have found your life mission. Actually, you are the one who will benefit the most. We can change the world by making one day at a time.


  17. 親愛的朱先生:

  18. ^^我很喜歡這篇文章呢!最近正好面臨要出去工作,在工作方面的選擇。個人是個不愛待在辦公室的小孩,有意願從事保險業務方面的工作,不過跟我母親才剛提起,她反對聲浪就出現了。(目前就我弟支持我做我自己想做的)。不過要我真的在辦公室待一整天,我想…我會很不開心吧。自己的未來總是要自已掌握一下,所以我很愛這句話「實踐理想,多做自己怕的事」。雖然我也聽過業務是件很辛苦的事,不過相對的…得到的成就也是很有價值的。最近小樂在無意中說出一句話,個人還蠻喜歡的「我不想因為害怕,就拒絕學習」。朱平先生,讓我們一起加油吧^^~

  19. Dear Ping:

    之前在Cheers就有看過這篇你擔任一日良師的專欄,那時心想:哇!如果學生能夠是我,那該有多好?!所以我很羨慕姿伶,可以跟你有這麼多面對面互動的機會;by the way,最讓我佩服的是,就是你們一起去認識周遭完全不認識的新朋友,這也給了我一個啟發:其實人與人之間的距離,都是『自己』所造成的,如果你希望他人能夠友善的對待你,那你必須要先跨出自己的舒適圈,勇敢say hi! 我也真的有實驗過,的確是如此,先卸下了自我的心防之後,才能夠獲得更多良好的互動;我想這可能是文明社會下的通病—總是希望先看別人怎麼對我,我再來決定怎麼對你!(這是我個人的看法嚕),但是我覺得人本來就無法去期待或要求別人如何對待你,(更何況是陌生人?),唯有你自己能夠決定你想要的人生是怎麼樣的情境,畢竟,從自我要求做起,我覺得是最容易也最能夠貫徹的途徑,雖然不見得每個人都能這樣想,但是,套一句老話,有做有希望,沒做,就絕對沒有機會!所以,我們大家要一起加油喔!!

  20. 朱老師 您好

  21. 親愛的朱先生:



    我要跟您說一聲: 朱先生,有您真好!!!


  22. Dear Aaron:

    The truth is that I am still struggling with this seemingly conflict choices.

    Actually, the trick is to accept first that it is a life’s challenge and a lesson we all need to learn till we die.

    I will recommend you to find the meaning in your choice or compromise. If you really want to, you can always find the meaning in your work.

    The life’s biggest secret is that the wold is not a black or white duality. You can always find a Third way. Of course, there will be some trade off. However, this trade off is your choice and you will be accountable for this choice. This will free you from wanting all and become depressed when you can get it all. I have lots of trade off in order to stick with my own beliefs and my lifestyle. I am happy becuase it is my choice to make this trade off. I choose to live a life I want to, love to, not have to.

    Once you realize that you have a choice and you have made the choice with free spirit. There should be no regret or feeling of loss. Again, you can make another choice to create your own reality.

    Lastly, you never should make choices because you are obligated to your love one. It is a poison and a prison to trap you into a victim mentality.

    Happiness is a choice.


  23. Dear 金津:

    I just left a comment in your woderful blog.

    Thank you for your kind words. I am just a business man who is lucky to surround himself with ordinary people who practice the philosophy of believing is seeing.

    You have already made a positive impact in Taiwan with your blog and our blog community.

    Give love,


  24. Dear Daphne:

    Yes, I remember you.

    Thank you for your support. It means a lot to me.

    Please continue your journey in exploring the world with a positive mindset. In a way, you are still with us because we are, in essence , doing the same thing. We just use different vehicle and different medium.

    Please drop by to Canmeng office anytime and say hello to our Daymakers when you pass by any EC or Third Place.

    It simply brings most joy to me when I heard our ex-team memebers continue to grow spiritually and professionally.

    Thank you for this wonderful comment.


  25. 朱先生你好:
    很感謝你! 從ppaper到ICB 您許多的談話及分享,讓我很有感觸,以及面對生活的新感官,也讓我從不同的方向觀看事物,我與自己的省思,再次謝謝您!讓週遭的事物有了感動

  26. 親愛的朱先生

    好愛您這句話”實踐理想 多做自己怕的事”


    想跟您說一聲 謝謝您!

  27. 朱先生您好:

  28. Thank you, Smellgood. I can smell your positive energy and the can-do spirit.:-) It is difficult to make comments in this site. Thank you for taking the trouble to log in and leave your kind message. Give love and be the change.

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