20081221_img_0865When I took up running two years ago, I could barely run 3 minutes and last Sunday, I completed my first half-marathon!

Running is a solitude sport that gives me time and space to think and contemplate, like a kinetic meditation. Only my breaths and the pounding feet as my companion.

I am alone, but not alone. I am hurting, but not hurting.

It is a mind game.

10 thoughts on “Running”

  1. Dear Debbie:

    I think I should say I am glad that I also stumble upon you here too.

    There must be a cosmic energy that brought people together when they both are ready.

    Nonzero restaurant is a special place that we all can call home. You will meet many like-minded people there.

    Taipei is the most under-rated capital in the world. ( Monocle Magazine, one of my favorite subscription magazine) I just started a bilingual Nonzero Club so I can find a way to connect with foreigners who have contributed so much to Taiwan with their creative energy. If you are interested, please email me. With Nonzero Club, you will get to know many like minded people with the similar background. You will also discover that Taipei is a vibrant city with many brilliant minds.

    Hey, triathlon is one of my dream goal too. Unfortunately, my old bones and knees may protest me to abuse my body. However, I do enjoy running. I enjoy to be me alone.

    There will be TEDxTaipei in October. Please stay tune for the time, place and speakers list. You can see this first TEDxTaipei gathering at our Green Cherry Canmeng Aveda office.

    It is so good to have you joining in this tribe.

    Be the change,


  2. Dear Mr. 朱平 ,

    First – I love your blog! I’m so happy to have discovered it by accident while searching for Aveda Taipei. I’m also a recent convert to your NonZero restaurant (after trying it twice and realizing how much it reminded me of San Francisco where I recently moved from), and I’ve been a believer in the TED conference for a long time. So now I feel like I’ve discovered a similar soul & true believer in Taipei – a foreign city to me after moving here recently.

    Anyway, welcome to marathon running! I completed my first one five years ago and ran four more half marathons thereafter. Unfortunately, my “young” knees couldn’t take it and with much admonishing from my orthopedic doctor, I’ve switched to other lower impact sports. But I miss running and I’m glad to see it is a popular sport in Taiwan. Fortunately, biking is also gaining popularity here and I’m converting over to that now. Eventually, when I get settled into Taipei life, I hope to run a triathlon and hope to see you as a fellow runner. 🙂

    Ideally, any of these sports increase adoption in Taiwan as they not only increase our health & wellness but offer an alternative form of reaction that is environmentally friendly.

    Thanks for this forum and I look forward to hearing insightful comments from you and others. And I hope to attend the next TED and related events!

  3. Dear Ru Ling;

    Yes, it is my right foot. I also have a bruised toe nail on my fourth toe too.

    I am glad I did the half marathon. It is my goal when I decided to run marathon one year ago. Yes, I trained myself for a full year to achieve this goal. I am very proud of myself.

    Now, I am thinking about challenging the full marathon. I really don’t know if my knee can handle it. After almost three hours half marathon, my knees just locked and I had great difficulty to flex. I am still recuperating even now. 🙂

    You are a brilliant writer, please keep pushing it.


  4. Hey, is that fat, blistered, pink and nicely-pedicured right foot in the photo yours? (no offense, I can’t resist to poke fun here). True or not, it lightens up the air at this site. A cute picture.

    Allegedly, blisters are a common problem for marathon runners and runners wearing new shoes. I wonder which one, or both, apply to you?

    Thanks for coming by my blog. Happy 牛 Year!

  5. Dear Felix:

    From my dashboard summary, I know there are readers of this blog to link to your blog.

    I know you are destined to make a difference in your part of the world.

    We are all ONENESS and will reach the same goal in our own ways. We are all in this together.

    Thanks for the encouragement. I need it.

    Happy Chinese New Year,


  6. Dear Show:

    Thank you for letting me know how you are feeling after my talk. It is the best way to get to know yourself. You take the initiative and express your positive energy publicly.

    It is the same way as saying: Thank you for loving me. 🙂

    You will have many greatest hour if you determine to become everyone’s daymaker for your peers and your clients.

    This is what I expected you and your team to do anyway.

    Can we change the world? I don’t know. I do know it will change your feeling when you see you are making people’s day from your extra miles service.

    Happy Chinese New Year,


  7. dear ping
    First, i want to thank you for the sharing in xuexue.
    I feel moved and inspired at that that.
    Even i had stay in xuexue more than 2 years, I still feel some confused sometimes.
    However in your section, I always can get energy to continue my passion in work.
    So, i really thank you for the most greatest 1 hour in my day.
    Yes, you are daymaker again.:)
    thank you.(hug)


  8. Dear Freda:

    It was great to meet your son, daughter and son in law too. Unfortunately, I did not get the chance to talk to you and Tony more.

    I know that runing for extented time is not a good thing for our knees. I will listen my body’s signal and follow my doctor’s advice when needed.

    I am planning to improve my half marathon’s record if not pushing for a full marathon in 2009.

    I will continue my training and keeping a log on my progress so I will know if I am ready for my biggest physical challenge.

    Please tell Annie that it is OK if she feel dis-illusion with nursing. It is a bad system that society will not recognize the hard work and emotional stress in nursing. I think that nurse’s workload is simply too much. It is not just the salary issue anymore. It is the quality of life that pleagues the nursing profession. You simply cannot get the sense of satisfaction when you are over worked, over expected and under appreciated.



  9. It was good seeing you and Candice last week. We are older, we also are better and wiser. Thank you for the wonderful dinner in Nonzero. We all enjoyed it very much. Please say thanks to Candice for us too, Annie went to the same photo shop for her picutres taken. She totally enjoyed the whole experience too.

    My doctor advises me not to run, but fast walk. She said it is very hard on our knees when we run, more like double our weight. So please take care of your knees if you continue to run.

    I do admire your spirit. Press on.

    Happy new year.

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