Can you spare me 5 minutes of your time? 您願意給我5分鐘的時間嗎?

Can you spare me 5 minutes of your time?

I have been busy with Forward Taiwan project and to jump start Taiwan’s internet start-up and entrepreneurs ecosystem.

I personally believe that we, the private sector, need to take the lead now given the weak government, lame duck president, dysfunctional legislature, zombie economy and the fear based society will drag Taiwan through a downward spiral. We have a serious brain drain and shrinking population crisis on our hands. With the coming two elections, we are destined to have another two years wasted on accomplishing nothing. The world will not wait for us.

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Forward TaiwanForward Taiwan is an advocacy and a social activism to push for a comprehensive immigration reform. I shall need 3,000 likes( now, only 2,390 likes ) before the end of June. After I got 3,000 likes, I will start engaging with opposition parties, labor unions, students and legislators. Taiwan needs to keep open so we can retain international talent and stop the brain drain.


*You can browse the website? further information.

*You can also find or download our complete proposals

If you think our grassroots approach is something you can and want to get involved in, please invite five of your friends to like Forward Taiwan too. Can I ask your five minutes to do this?

Be the change,

P.S. I want to take this opportunity to thank Michael, Holly and many volunteers for their commitment and time devoted to this movement.




從去年底開始,我就開始一直忙著「Forward Taiwan:向前台灣」的計畫,並且致力於連結各種新創企業,希望能自組成一個正向的生態系統。

我個人相信,在這充斥著恐懼與不安的社會中,民間企業及有志之士應該站出來成為主導者,以便突破停滯不前, 翻轉任何政策都被扭曲的政府與失能的立法機關;最重要的是不讓台灣的經濟持續往下沉淪。此刻,我們面臨嚴重的人口縮減、人才進不來與人才流失的危機。我也擔心未來兩年的兩場選舉,將更一事無成, 浪費台灣的時間。


請上「Forward Taiwan:向前台灣」的臉書粉絲專頁替我們按讚。可點選連結

「Forward Taiwan:向前台灣」是一個提倡廣泛性移民改革且具行動力的組織。我希望在6月底前,粉絲專頁可以累積到3,000個讚(目前只有2,390個讚)。當達成3,000個讚之後,我們會積極地與各政黨、工會、學生組織與立法機關等作更深度的連繫與連結,說明台灣人口, 人才政策的危機,並以此留住多樣化的國際專業菁英、防止頂尖人才的流失。

*更多有關「Forward Taiwan:向前台灣」的介紹可連結至官網



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