Welcome to Stage Time & Juice at the Red Room!

Stage Time and Juice

Red Room, together with Taipei City Playgroup


Stage Time & Juice

Saturday August 17th, 2013

3:00 pm – 5:30 pm

Dear Friends or Friends of Friends:
If you have children who want to learn English. You must come with your children ( who have learned some English already ) and experience this wonderful Red Room with your children together. You also can join Taipei City Playgroup to immerse your kids with English speaking parents.
I always want to do Red Room for Kids. Now, my dream has come to me.
Thank you, Taipei City Playgroup for stepping in and making this event possible. Red Room is a platform to connect all these wonderful and creative groups. Our goal is to make Taipei a more English friendly city and encourage our youth to learn English and appreciate English not just a tool, but a way of living.
English will serve your kids well. ( Don’t listen to any conservatives told you that English has nothing to do with 世界觀. English is everything with 世界觀. ) I don’t want to see that our future generation could not travel the world alone and confidently converse and make friends with people from all over the world. ?This is the bilingual-Taiwan I want to see in 2050.
The Co-Founder of Red Room


Stage Time and Juice

is a new Red Room event collaborating with Taipei City Playgroup encouraging children to head down the path of creative discovery.
Children are invited to our multicultural platform where they can listen to stories, share their talents and learn from creative-minded people.

Come take a seat, sip some juice and share with the

Stage Time and Juice family.
There will also be sign up sheets at the door for those brave kids who would like to read, share art, play music or tell a story to their classmates, playmates and peers alike.


For all the supportive parents:

Please bring a juice of your choice to contribute to our juice bar, which will be created as you arrive, and all drinks will be shared.

The Red Room is a green environment. Please buy one of our awesome, groovy bamboo mugs and have our fabulous artists paint it for you. It will remain forever, yours and yours alone (true love).

Or bring your own drinking vessel.

And most importantly, bring a fluffy pillow to increase the level of comfort, since floor seating is all that’s provided.

Saturday August 17th, 2013

3:00 pm – 5:30 pm
Venue: Learning Kitchen (above Third Place Aveda Salon)

No. 117, 2nd fl, Da An Road, Taipei 北市大安路一段 117號2fl.
red.room.taipei@gmail.com or call 0910 947 307

Contribution Fee:

200NTD (1 parent with accompanying child),

50NTD per additional family member regardless of age.

200NTD per adult



About Taipei City Playgroup:

Taipei City Playgroup has been connecting English-speaking families in Taipei since 2002. With no fees, no obligations and no restrictions, this informal, casual playgroup meets on Thursday mornings at various locations around Taipei City, and holds annual Christmas parties, Easter picnics and Halloween Trick-or-Treat parades, as well as publishes The Awesome Playgroup News, a child-produced newspaper that encourages English literacy. Members number over 400, and include parents with Taiwanese partners and families from all over the world, who may be new to Taiwan or new to parenting. Attending Taipei City Playgroup events are a wonderful way for families to connect and share information about parenting in Taiwan, and for children to find new playmates.


The Red Room is an ever-expanding community, exploring and extending the boundaries between audience and performer; a not-for-profit platform for events developing a culture of learning to listen to each other, what is around us, and our selves.

Co-Founders | Ping Chu 朱平 • Ayesha Mehta • Red Room Coordinator | Manav Mehta • Translation | Edward Chiang • Online Presence | Roma Mehta • Assistant Coordinator | Disha Patel


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