Profit for purpose: A Conversation with Ping Chu @ Good Lab

Profit for purpose: A Conversation with Ping Chu @ Good Lab


上週五晚,朱平先生應邀參加香港Good Lab的members night活動。

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2 thoughts on “Profit for purpose: A Conversation with Ping Chu @ Good Lab”

  1. Dear Eva:

    I am honored to get to know all of you, the wonderful members from Good Lab and Social Entrepreneurs in HK.

    I took a look on your website. I think you guys did a great job to have a bilingual website.

    愛同行 is a great concept. I also think you can find a lot of meaningful exchange programs in Taiwan to create a new interest and build alliance with in what Taiwan’s social entrepreneurs.

    I would recommend you to visit Taiwan more and focus on Taiwan’s 小旅遊 by being a marketing partner in HK with these Taiwan’s 小旅遊 program.

    You need to make 愛同行 a profitable operation first ( the profit ) as a unique travel experience for your clients ( companies or special demographic group, not limited only in youth.) You always can dedicate the portion of the profit to commit Worldwide Exchange Development Organization( the purpose ).

    Hope to see you one day at Red Room or Nonzero Restaurant in Taipei.

    Keep in touch,


  2. 朱平老師:

    很感謝您們過來Good Lab 分享,聽了以後很激動,因為在您和Ming的言語中,我感受到熱情和啟發! 我很欣賞您的創意, 您的自在和對生活的獨特看法。Ming 所說的PERMA,也令我反思了自己現在生活的狀態。我一定會找機會到Redroom看一下,到時希望會再和您們聊天:)

    就像你說的, 我很幸運,因為我可以在20幾歲的時候聽到您的分享,啟發了我,我會努力往自己的夢想進發! 我和Bosco (上次也有去Good Lab聚會)現在正在推行文化旅遊的項目,有去斯里蘭卡, 在義務工作中認識當地文化,互相交流。也有到台灣原住民部落體驗他們的生活。我們相信,每個人都是平等的,都可以在分享中學習。若您有空,可以給我們一些意見, 謝謝! ( / FB: WEDO GLOBAL)

    祝: 生活愉快! 🙂

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