4 thoughts on “Ping Chu gives a talk on 體驗美感生活@ Eslite Hsinyi”

  1. Dear Carol:

    I am glad that our path always crossed when we make an earnest effort. Thank you for joining my talk at eslite bookstore. It was my great pleasure to have such an opportunity to talk to those people who are ready.

    We shall meet again and grow young together.



    You should take a look of the Red Room from this blog or http://www.redroom.com.tw and come with your friends on 5/19/2012 for a special night of listening and rejuvenating.

  2. It was a great speech and I enjoyed it a lot, Thank you! Every time read your book and article just feel that someone speak out how I feel about life. (I can not describe my thinking well and need to practice.) At the same time your are more open minded so I always learn something new from you. Yesterday I learned from you and Ming that I should tell my friends and family I love them and thanks them been loving me all those time. Should get big group of friends to join your speech like “walking for water” years ago. Really… thank you for all you done for everyone.

  3. simple life.thank you so much MR. Zhu. your speech is something i am seeking for a long time .not only what you said ,but also what you have experienced .i wish you could always be who you are so that i could have someone to admire and to think about how to make my life more colorful . thank you so much again.your speech is the most excellent speech i have ever had .

    1. Dear Q:

      Thank you for the most kind words on my talk. You are way too gernerous.

      I do have a mission whenever I have opportunity to share my limited life experience though. I wish more people can be empowered to take the accountability to change themselves.

      Imagine if we all can be a better person everyday, the world will also be a better world everyday. We are all interconnected.

      Let me warn you that I am not a good person to admire to. I am just like you having all the foilbles and weakness. I just learned over years to discipline myself a little bit better. I am still learning.

      Change your habit and you will change yourself.


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