5 thoughts on “2012/02/02 Bravo FM 91.3 – 朱先生新書專訪”

  1. 朱先生您好:
    我是肯夢人Den,今晚在red room與您自我介紹,sorry我的英文念的不標準,您可能聽成Ben了…哈哈,雖然我的英文不好,但我覺得今晚red room氣氛很棒,讓我見識到各國的朋友,也讓我對學英文更有信心和衝勁:) 而我現在會努力把技術打穩,充實自己的智慧,愛你所做,做你所愛!我相信我的夢想都能成真的:)

    1. 哈囉 Den!!

      我竟然錯過你了:( 當晚九點我趕赴另一個工作上的約,因此沒能等到你… 很高興知道你主動去讓朱先生認識你,也相信你會把這樣的漣漪帶回工作上和生活中,繼續發光。讓我們一起樂在工作和生活! 下次的Red Room見!

    2. Dear Den:

      Yes, it is never too late to learn English.

      Thank you for taking time to expand your comfort zone. I think now you have a deeper understanding on what Canmeng Aveda wants to do. It is this cosmopolitan life that Taiwan’s hairstylists seldom engage. I am glad that you want to experience this social and cultural event.

      Jia Yu and hope you have found out what you want.


  2. i have to say you are getting better and better on each broadcast dialogue. your messages are loud and clear. i am sure the well-effected ripple is moving fast on your fans’ hearts. what a wonderful voice that helps us rethink and rebuild our way of living. that’s what i call a successful career, it’s measured by the wealth of change for better.

    press on!

    1. Dear Freda:

      Lately, I don’t feel well with asthma attack due to the weather. Now, I am better.

      Thank you for your ever encouragement. 韓良露 is my good friend and a recipient for our Daymaker Award to promote Taiwan’s food culture and lifestyle.

      Take care,


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