Playing for Change at the Red Room, September 17, 2011

One of the best Red Room events ever!

Here’s the introdution by Manav and me.

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Playing for Change @ Red Room. Click to see more pictures

Nick, a first -timer to Red Room, wrote this to me:

Last evening’s Red Room gathering was a first time experience for me and family and friends. The performances were creative, diverse, insightful, exciting, thought-provoking, brave, out of the box, inspiring, lesson-sharing, moving, personal, energetic, inspiring and aspiring. Many transcended time and space. They opened corners of life and mind that were often in unnoticed in shadow. Yoga, group meditation, poetry, prose, music, guitars, ukeleles, music ranging from Judy Garland to Teresa Teng, original compositions, theatre, drama, life and death. Artists of every genre. Color, tastes, minds eye, time travel, Shakespeare, Virgil’s tales of Aeneid, connecting beings and connecting souls. What a special energy and chemistry. Bravo to the artists of this world. There is a clarity, power, earth and life force that you have helped nurture and unlock. Keep doing it. The future is connected with the past thru you. Bravo to the people who make this happen. Hail something truly wonderful. Deeply appreciated. Third Saturday of every month on Da An Rd 2fl above Aveda between Chunghsiao and Jenai. Come, plan on it. Life is different with the Red Room. What a wonderful evening and experience! Breathless and calm and settling…don’t hesitate, rekindle the inner energy and let the earth be glad and your soul be touched.

Come and experience it for yourself. Join us next month on October 15 (every third Saturday of the month).

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