How to change the world by David Dupouy

David is a new friend who recently attended The Red Room for the first time. He spoke about “How to change the world”.

David has been CEO and founder of 3 software companies in Silicon Valley, having started his first one at age 20. He also created and patented the Sensiva handwriting- recognition technology, embedded in mobile devices and used by millions of people every day. Passionate about business, technology, design, and education, he is an advisor to companies and government organizations around the world. You can read more about David here.

6 thoughts on “How to change the world by David Dupouy”

  1. Dear Tina:

    I was so happy to see you at Red Room last night.

    Now, you know we can do something if we don’t like what we see in the world. This is the essence of being the change.

    Red Room is a new culture scene in Taipei and a new fresh breeze in our metropolitan life.

    If you come 5 times and perform 1 time, you are officially a Red Roomer, not just a guest. Welcome to join this movement.

    Please share your experience with your friends or post your thoughts on your facbookor Red Room’s facebook.

    Red Room is still a young movement which needs more people like you to get involved and take action.

    I was so emotional struck by Jasmine’s solo dance, Master Sun’s unique recital performance on Li Bai’s poems, Brian’s impromptu and interactive music, Mendy’s deep listening drill and many Red Roomer’s eloquent poems recital and monologue. I was much moved by the shear talent in the Red Room.

    Please be careful, Red Room is a magic place where will rekindle your inner desire to be part of the universal creative energy and experience being alive.

    See you next month.


  2. Dear Tina:

    I decided to enclose this email to all Red Roomers as an invitation to you.

    Please read the rules. See you on 5/21. Love, Ping

    Dear lovers of word and sound,

    Ayesha returned for our April event, and provided a potent dosage of her presence to keep us going for a good while! For those of you who attended Timothy N. Joel’s exhibition in Dulan, I hope you enjoyed yourselves wandering the streets in your board shorts, flip flops and most comfortable of all the tasteful pink jumpsuits (Mauro).

    The Red Room is a growing community event, and we hope to continue this growth through efforts made by our members. Any suggestions, ideas and/or creative concepts should be shared immediately! If you’re not sure where to provide your input, grab someone during the event and unload or email ” please do not hesitate to write with questions, comments, feedback, desires, hopes, expectations, words!

    Hope to see you at the Red Room May 21st, 2011

    Also, to commemorate our first anniversary, we have created a one of a kind Red Room T-shirt which is available for sale this month at a special price of NT300 per tshirt. All sizes are available. The T-shirt features the Stage Time & Wine @ The Red Room logo designed by our very own Leiven Hwang!

    We hope the event this month will live up to our past Red Room nights, with more sharing, speaking, dancing, singing, and listening.

    Newbies and Veterans, do read on, for the information below may serve useful..

    Sincerely Yours,

    Manav, Ayesha, Ping

    Details for the Newbies!

    Stage Time and Wine @ The Red Room is a space where we may gather and read aloud, sing, hear the words and music of others, and of all things, listen. bring something you have written or choose a passage from somewhere else that you are moved to read aloud.

    there will be sign up sheets at the door for those who would like to read, and you may sign up at any time during the night.

    please bring a bottle to contribute to our bar, which will be created as you arrive, and all drinks will be shared. With the movement continuing, we would love to keep up our “paper cup free” Red Room nights, either purchase a red room mug on the night of the event, or please carry a drinking vessel on board for the evening, be it mug, fish bowl, thimble or hollow gourd. Our designers will be present to customize your cups if you so desire.

    each person will be introduced to read once. if you have more to share, everyone who is willing shall have their turn, and if there is time, you will be given stage time once again.

    and musicians! please come, one and all, prepared to play! if there are those of you who would like to prepare something special, please email me and we can set your time for the night.

    Also, those of you who are receiving this email and would no longer like to remain on the Red Room mailing list, please press reply and let me know.

    we are creating a community, a world, a space, a bar, a stew….

    Celebrate the spoken word with us as we read our own passages or those that we yearn to share.
    Speak. Listen. Hear. Feel. Come and share a unique experience with new and old friends.
    Live music and warm company

    All languages desired!

    BYO to share; the bar will be created as the night progresses, please contribute a bottle!
    BYO vessel to drink from…

    2F., No. 117, Sec. 1, Da’an Rd., Taipei City 106, Taiwan
    Tel: (02) 27714195

    Saturday, 19th, March 2011
    6:30pm to 10:30pm

    說、聽、聆 聽、感受,與老朋友新朋友們,

    現 場音樂演出,氛圍溫馨




    北市大安路一段 117號2F

    費 用:NT$200

    1. Dear Ping,

      I really appriciate for having your permition joining this club.
      Can’t wait for this.
      See you then.


  3. Dear Tina:

    You are the few people on this website that asks me how to join this amazing movement that we created at Red Room.

    Right now, Red Room is still an underground private party by invitation only.

    However, we have attracted so many brilliant international friends that Red Room is difficult to keep it as private party. It has become a movement that rivals the early stage of TED. Actually, Red Room is not TEd because it is a space to celebrate the amateurism, not so elitism as TED.

    We are all artistic in many ways. We just need to have a space to share our passion so we can push out own envelope. Red Room is a space for this deep listening and creative expression.

    Please view and let me know if you still like to join Red Room.



    1. Dear Ping,

      Thanks for your kindly reply.

      I love the idea of this club and would love to join if I’m qualified. Actually, I was amazed by the idea when you talked about it after one of your speeches last month. That’s how I notice this club and intriguer me to participate it. Hope I can have the chance joining it.

      Look forward to hearing from you soon.


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