Happy Birthday – Earth Day ! Earth Month!




“ Walk for Water
為純淨水而走“ 是肯夢AVEDA今年地球月的主要活動。

6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday – Earth Day ! Earth Month!”

  1. Dear Freda:

    Yes, I am very lucky to have this opportunity to do what I want and what I believe.

    Actually, what I am doing now is to convince people that they can do it too. The important challenge is to know what to give up. I got to do what I want to do because I choose to let go lots of things that people rightfully hang on too.

    I paid my price. We all pay our due to choose the way we live.

    As long as we live the life we choose to, want to and love to. There should be no regret.

    Be Happy,


  2. Oliver told me the other day on his email, he is very proud of you. so you are not as lonely as you think. life is short, enjoy what you do and do what you believe. not everybody has this chance. you are blessed.

  3. Dear Lewis:

    Yes, you are right on.

    We all need to nurture a new habit, especially our purchase decision habit.

    I used to tell people that your lifestyle is actullay dictated by how you made your purchase decision. No one can know yourself better than yourself. Only you know if you are a ” What’s good for me “, or ” How I can participate ” person. I guarentee you that you will become a happier person if you want to be a “satisficer “, not a “maximizer”.

    Be a difference maker,


  4. Dear Freda:

    We sold 578 tickets ( NT$ 500 per ticket ), and guess how many people show up to participate the Walk for Water event.

    Yes, we had 550 people showed up to bring their pets, mom/dad, international friends and Walk the entire 6 Kilometer. It is a very uplifing feeling that there were so many people actually walk their commitment.

    It is a gratifying experience for all Canmeng Aveda team. They have been working so hard to make this event a reality. I am proud of them.

    Yes, we all know everyday should be earth day. Earth Month is a way to remind us that true sustainability of any business is to sustaian with the earth.

    Thank you for your life long friendship. Your kind words are the reason that I know I am not alone. Most importantly, you have known me since 1974. You know where I came from and how I evolved.



  5. this is wonderful. save the world starting from each and everyone of us. do this so generations to come will have a better place to live.

    save energy.
    keep the earth clean.
    go back to basics.

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