Stage Time and Wine @ The Red Room 003

Here are some pictures from the Stage Time & Wine on January 23. We had a great turn out (over 50 people) and they bring with them not just poems but also music, dance, skit and mime. What an amazing crowd, truly talented!

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  1. Dear Jeff:

    Of course, you can come. Please note the time and the rules. It would be a mostly English speaking gathering. This is the best way to learn English and experience the creative flow. I am selective to invite people because I want to create this space for people who want to polish their conversational English and are passionate with poems, music and performing art. Please tell my team that you are invited by me. Taipei deserves to have a space like this.

    Sunday, 28th February 2010
    6:30pm to 10:30pm






    北市大安路一段 117號2F 費用:NT$200

  2. Dear Stella:

    I just sent the invitation to you. Please let me know if you did not receive it.

    Yes, Stage Time and Wine is an eclectic, creative and humbling experience for all of us. Most importantly, we are all co-created this space by our willing to participate and listen deeply.

    I think Taipei deserves to have a space like this so we can celebrate a communal spirit through poetry reading and musician jamming.

    It is a space for lovers of word and sound indeed.

    See you this Sunday.


    1. Dear Stella:

      I was glad to see you that night. I hope you enjoy the intimate ambiance we created at this space. I also hope you made a few creative friends that night.

      You are on the mailing list now. Please come and learn how to be a global citizen in this little global village we created together.

      We are all poet in our own way.


  3. Dear Freda:

    I just finished my holiday in Dulan, Taitung. I have made a conscious decision to explore this part of Taiwan ever since 2009. Originally, I spent most of my time in Yanliao, Hualian. I was disappointed by the invasion of the many different themes B&B in Yanlian, Hualian. It has lost the charm that attracts me. Then, I found out Dulan, Taitung. I decided to engage and do the best i can to prevent Dulan from being another Yanliao, Hualian.

    Next time, when you have time, you should spend sometime in Dulan, Taitung.

    I am so glad that you have had a transformational experience. Life is really too short to live a life by other people’s standard. We are only accountable for our own life. It is not a selfish lifestyle as long as you have made it clear to all your love one. It did not mean you don’t care them, it did mean you need to love yourself first before you can love them. 🙂

    I am still longing for my trip to Patagonia. I want to do a serious hiking and trekking around Torres Del Paine.

    I do believe the year of 2010 is the year that we all can take more risks and live a full life.



  4. Happy new year to you, Ping. What a wonderful way of ending 2009 and starting the 2010. I am sure you are the happiest one among this artistic crowd. I expect to see more of this kind of gathering in the near future. Thank you for bringing some excitements into our daily life.

    I just came back from a South America cruise, spending 17 days in black mountain black seas. The experience was kind of rocky and daring, but also interesting and exciting. We went down to the southernmost city Ushuaia, Argentina and circle around Cape Horn. In some days, I saw only violent clouds and dark seas. The powerful serene statement from these views carried such an strong image that ironed on to my mind, I don’t think I can ever forget. I took many many pictures to help me remember all the details and to capture the shocking feelings. Once again, I am changed.

    Hope all is well with you, and hope the new year will bring you prosper and satisfaction. Be good and press on.


  5. Dear Stella:

    Yes, The Stage Time and Wine @ Red Room is one of a kind gathering in Taipei.

    It is also a new movement now to have amateurs sharing what they are passionate about. I co-sponsored this event with my friend, Ayesha, so we can create a space where everyone is in love with poetry, play, music and body movement.

    Can you send your email address to me so I can put you in my mailing list for this event? The seat is limited so I am very selective in who can most benefit from this kind of creative environment.

    It is a multi-language gathering. You will meet many creative people from different parts of the world. As you know from this blog, one of my goals is to encourage our young people to embrace different cultures so they will be more humble when dealing with things they don’t know. Again, English is just a tool. Please sharpen this tool so you can reach out to the world and become a global citizen.

    I am so proud of you for taking the steps to get to know who you really are. By expanding your comfort zone ( as cliche as it sounds ), you will realize that you are what you do, not just want you think. 🙂

    Happy Chinese New Year


    1. Dear Mr.Chu,

      Thank you for your reply.
      My email address:
      I send email to you already. Thank you.

      I will be deeply appreciate your kindness if you can put my email in your list for this significant event.

      Life needs a creative environment and not be fixed.
      Change and challenge is beautiful attempt that makes me feel fresh.

      After I went to your lessons from “xuexue”, I made decision to cut my long hair from Dream Place Salon in breeze center. It’s my first step to try some difference and encourage myself. And, I feel so good definitely when I have new style.

      I really would like to join the stage time & wine with these lovely guys. I hope to expand my comfort zone if it’s possible and look forward to seeing your information.

      Thank you.


  6. Dear Mr.Chu,
    How are you doing?

    Thank you for your sharing. It looks interesting!
    I really would like to join the stage time & wine with these lovely guys. When is next time?
    Thank you very much.


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